Why Africa Is Food For The Soul

Why Africa Is Food For The Soul

Why Africa Is Food For The Soul : Scholars dating back to the 6th century BC have maintained that there is a close relationship between humans and the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These components are found in many teachings and traditions around the world, from Eastern beliefs to ancient Babylonian wisdom. Ayurvedic practitioners emphasise five elements, including Ether (Space), and the significance of bringing them into harmony for improved physical and mental welfare.

And there’s something really healing about losing yourself in the vast open regions of Namibia or the Kalahari, or just spending time around a fire in an African boma, rooted in the red earth among the baobab, jackal berry, and acacia.

Here are five good reasons Africa is food for the soul.



Your holiday memories will include fire (and the lingering smell of wood smoke) in many forms, from early morning coffee poured over the coals to roasting marshmallows and fireside conversations. Ultimately, life exists wherever there is fire.

In your element: The Future Found Sanctuary in the Hout Bay neighborhood of Cape Town is the ideal location to unwind, refocus, and re-establish a connection with nature and her restorative components. They use nature as their guidance and strive towards “Whole Being.” This retreat is unlike any other, offering therapeutic forest bathing, yoga, sound healing, farm-to-table foraging, and fireside storytelling.


Imagine taking a white water rafting trip down the powerful Zambezi River or drifting over the historic canals and channels of the Okavango Delta, or experience bungee jumping at the source of River Nile in Uganda. Water in Africa is calming, purifying, and invigorating.

 Kisawa Lodge on the southern tip of Benguerra Island in the Mozambique archipelago encourages visitors to “discover your own timing” alongside the warm (and inviting) waters of the Indian Ocean. With specialized Ayurvedic offerings, each of their stand-alone spa’s rituals and treatments is based on one of the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, or space.


Nothing compares to putting on your hiking boots and exploring Volcanoes National Park, hiking Table Mountain, climbing the dunes at Sossusvlei, or on a walking safari to learn about the earth’s contours.

Earth Lodge in Sabi Sabi’s private reserve stands up to its name. The lodge employs texture, light, and space to create a natural sanctuary in the middle of the South African bushveld. It is practically undetectable in the surrounding terrain, sculpted into a slope in the ground. It has been called the most environmentally aware lodge in Africa, taking its cues from the natural surroundings.

Why Africa Is Food For The Soul
Golden Monkey Trekking In Volcanoes National Park


There is something unique about the air in Africa, whether it’s the clear morning air during a dawn safari or the shift in atmospheric pressure right before a summer storm.

A hot-air balloon ride over the Serengeti national park or Maasai Mara national reserve is a must-do safari activity while visiting Tanzania or Kenya. Plan and prepare your safari with Focus East Africa Tours about including this must-do experience into your African travel plan.


Africa’s gift? Wide-open spaces. Furthermore, spending the night outside beneath the stars has a unique quality. You’ll have an abundance of options when you plan your African safari with us.

Guests at Tswalu Kalahari have the option of sleeping under the infinite Kalahari night sky in a luxurious king-size bed on an elevated deck in the centre of the reserve. The Malori, which translates to “dreamer” in Tswana, is a memorable safari sleep out experience that is unlike any other.

Africa is calling if you want to find your happiness and tranquilly again. And to make it happen, our team is here. Please contact Focus East Africa Tours.

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