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Why visit Maasai Mara

Why visit Maasai Mara

Why visit Maasai Mara : A visit to Masai mara national Reserve in Kenya is almost compulsory for anyone who truly loves nature and wants to see and experience beyond her imagination of nature. The reserve is one of the greatest reserves not only in Kenya but entire Africa as it harbors a big range of wildlife, plants, Birds and culture this answers Why visit Maasai Mara.

Masai Mara is very unique on its own as the park is managed by the local community not the central government of Kenya and this has created a lot of awareness to the people on the value of the reserve hence making them directly participating in the wildlife conservation, leaving together in good harmony with the community.

When we say Masai Mara is a must visit while planning for Kenya safari for any one like solo, family or group tours its because the reserve has more than enough to expose to the guests and they keep exploring the best open plains of the Masaai people where culture meets excitement and this is the reason Why visit Maasai Mara.

Below are few reasons why Masai mara national reserve is proud of:

Firstly the “wildlife world cup” commonly known as the wildebeest great migration which is observed annually when millions and thousands of animals cross the Mara River to and fro Masai Mara nationa Reserve, the Great Migration occurs around July they will be crossing from Serengeti national park to Masai Mara and later in October they will be crossing back from Masai Mara to Serengeti.

Why visit Maasai Mara

This is one of the wonders of wildlife on planet earth and we enjoy the best time around Mara.

Wildlife abundance, the reserve is a home of the Big Five though the Rhinos are very rare but at least spotted once in a while. Masai Mara national reserve has permanent residents on the park excluding the wide vast range of migratory animals and birds.

The other high profile fact is that Masai Mara has the highest  concentration of big cats not only in East Africa but worldwide and this has made it easy for it to be turned a researching center of the big cats and Hyenas

Birding Paradise of Kenya, due to different echo system at the park and favorable climatic conditions the park is famous of its bird life with both seasonal migratory birds and the permanent resident birds to mention a few include Ross Turaco, Fishing owl, Secretary bird and many more predators.

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