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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park; With its natural beauty and the scientific value, Serengeti national park is known for having the greatest concentration of wild savannah plains game in Africa with a unique range of its residents including lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and many bird species among others. It is the best wildlife sanctuary in the whole wild with quite a vast land for the animals to mate and multiply in number for sustainability and nature conservation.
Serengeti national park, sits on a land of over 14750sq.km in the north eastern side of Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. Serengeti national park is found in Serengeti ecosystem which covers mara and simiyo regions. Before the Tanzanian independence of 1959, Serengeti national park included the ngorongoro conservation area; however, it was trimmed after the independence of Tanzania.

Serengeti national park is a renowned area on the world map where the massive migration of wildebeests and zebras takes place. Large herds of herbivores move north wards of Serengeti national park from their breeding area in the southern side of the park, looking for pasture and water and pasture during the dry season. This migration is done annually ant it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world, it also feature in the programs on the national geographic channel.

Serengeti national park is such an inspiration to quite a big number of writers that find the true natural beauty of the African wilderness. The systematically ecological setting in serengeti national park is unique and attracted writers like Ernest Hemingway and Peter Matteisseu among other scientist, to write quite interesting and catchy selling publications.

Serengeti national park national park is subdivided into three sections including seronera valley which is the most popular part of the national park. Seronera valley is what the indigenous maasai people called serengeti meaning a land of endless plains. Seronera valley area is characterised with classic savannah and also dotted with dry savannah woodland wood like acacia trees and quite unique wildlife species that attract tourist to this area.
The other part is called the western corridor which is significantly known for the Grumeti River. The western corridor, however, it is not an endless plain land but covered more with forests and dense bushes; this area is adoptable for leopards and other camouflage animals who love hiding as they wait to catch their prey skilfully by camouflaging in the bushes.

The northern section, on the other hand, is called the lobo area located in the extreme northern side of serengeti national park closest the Kenyan border. Lobo area meets up with the Kenya’s masai mara reserve; it is normal to find the same wildlife species in lobo area and masai mara wildlife reserve. Lobo area is the least visited part of serengeti, this is not alarming but rather a blessing for you to, perhaps, explore its natural beauty.

Besides, the only phenomenal or significant feature about serengeti national park in Tanzania still stands and it is the migration of the wildebeests and zebras. Over a million of wildebeests and about 20000 of zebras roll to the southern plains from the northern part of serengeti national park. They migrate longing for the short rainy season every October and November. The migrating herds of the wildebeests and zebras whirl to the western side of serengeti national park as the rainy season comes to an end. The wildebeests and zebras, then move back to the northern part of serengeti national park after enjoying the long rain showers of April, May and June.
The best time to visit serengeti national park

You can choose to visit serengeti national park any time of the year, however, the dry season is the best season, that is late June to September, offers the finest wild game viewing, this is also the time for the migration of the wildebeests. The best chance of viewing the wildebeests is during June and July, and wildebeest calving happens in January to February.

There are a lot of other things to do in serengeti national park besides game drives, for example, visiting masai village, night game drive where you can see a lot of nocturnal animals like civets, serval cats, nocturnal animals and bush babies among others. You can also visit moru kopjes’ weathered gigantic rock formations which rise out of serengeti plains like numerous little mountains; they at times provide water pools for many animals.
There is a lot more for you in serengeti national park, and you got nothing to worry about, the national park is well supplied with accommodation facilities and camping sites. These will give you the very best time of you wild African experience. You can also take some time and learn about the history of the olduvai gorge, also known as the olduvai gorge by many people.

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