Top 10 Things to Do in Kenya

Kenya is without a doubt a wonderful African nation endowed with a remarkable diversity of environments, people, animals, and activities. This means that travellers interested in exploring Kenya will have no shortage of options. It has a vast diversity of wildlife in a variety of settings that are all quite close to one another. Interestingly, though, each area delivers a unique experience that is never the same. Among the Top 10 Things to Do in Kenya, you can enjoy a different Kenya safari every day that combines luxury or unspoiled nature with adventure, leisure, and When on Kenya Safari, there are no limits to how far you can push yourself. You can explore Kenya’s wildernesses and learn about the most fascinating wonders and wildlife while taking part in a variety of activities like balloon safaris, nature walks, birding safaris, horseback riding safaris, helicopter safaris, and amazing off-the-beaten-path adventure experiences and  social interaction. These activities range from tropical forests, to deserts, breathtaking white sand beaches along the tropical Indian Ocean coastline, mountain climbing, and wild animal exploration in the country’s well-known Kenya wildlife safari parks and game reserves. Discover the beauties of this unique and amazing nation with these 10 Must-Do Activities in Kenya that will evoke an atmosphere of romance and adventure that will last a lifetime.

1:Kenya wildlife safari tours

A wildlife Kenya  safari is one of the top attractions of the Top 10 Things to do in Kenya. The diversity of game in Kenya is simply amazing, ranging from the big five to the smaller five game parks. There are many remarkable national parks, reserves, and other wildlife protection areas to visit that are home to some of the wildest game for an incredible wildlife safari. Popular kenya wildlife safari destination are; Maasai Mara National Reserve, Nairobi National Park, Tsavo National parks and Amboseli National Park, which is noted for having the largest and healthiest populations of elephants in Africa.

2:Watch the Great wildebeest migration

Witness the magnificent yearly migration of wild animals, which takes place in the well-known Maasai Mara National reserve between mid-August and late October, and take in the most iconic experience of Kenya wildlife safari. This is not only one among the top ten things to do in Kenya, but it’s also a noteworthy wildlife attraction that helps Kenya rank among the world’s top wildlife destinations. In Kenya, the migration experience is a vacation full of senses.

3:Visit Kenyan Coast and Beaches

The straightforward concept of combining your wilderness experiences with days spent at Kenya’s palm-fringed white sand beaches will give you an entirely unbeaten adventure safari, making it one of your Top 10 Things to do in Kenya that is absolutely fun-filled. Enjoy a wide range of water sports from Kenya’s untamed lakes, rivers, and long coastline that meet the Indian Ocean. These activities include diving and snorkelling, which allow you to explore the amazing marine life while also making wonderful memories of your beach vacation.

4 :Lake Turkana

A truly unique place with beautiful blue and turquoise colour, the Lesser-known Lake Turkana, also known as the Jade Sea, is the largest alkaline lake in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest permanent lake in the world and part of what is known as the Cradle of Mankind, as the first hominid remains were discovered here. Visiting the lake should definitely be on your list of Top 10 Things to do in Kenya. Take in the breathtaking views, a wide variety of bird species, and the large numbers of Nile crocodiles that inhabit this lake. You may also be able to spy a few mammals across the arid plains.

5:Hiking and mountaineering

A great challenge for mountain climbers, climbing Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest peak, can be incorporated into your active adventure activities in Kenya. In addition to biking through the adventures of Mount Longonot, visitors can opt to climb Mount Elgon or the rocks of Hells Gate National Park, which offer breathtaking views of shifting landscapes and wildlife.

6:Paragliding in Kerio Valley

The vast Kerio Valley is located in the Great Rift Valley, overlooking the Tugen Hills, at the base of the Kerio Valley Escarpment. Lake Kamnarok in the Rimoi Game Reserve is located in the valley. This location is well-liked by thrill-seekers for its paragliding and breathtaking views.

7:Visit Chalbi Desert in Marsabit

One of the Top 10 Adventures in Kenya is to visit the Chalbi Desert, which is located in Marsabit County, east of Lake Turkana. The Gabbra word for “Chalbi” means “bare and salty,” and this desert certainly lives up to its name, with its bleached soils, rough sand, and boulders. You can take walks here and observe the animals that make use of this natural salt lick. You can also unwind under the acacia and palm trees surrounding the oasis Kalacha and experience the solitude of the desert.

8:Explore Kenyan major cities

Experience Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu’s urban lifestyles first-hand. In Kenya, every city is distinct and provides a distinct experience. The capital city, Nairobi, is a bustling place with lots of interesting things to do and places to see. Fantastic locations can also be found in Kisumu, including several of the islands, such as Takawiri Island and Rusinga Island. While you’re there, check out Lake Victoria and indulge in some delectable cuisine. Discover more about Mombasa, a historically and culturally significant city, and fall in love with Swahili food while you’re there. Along Kenya’s coast are wonderful beaches and tourist Kenya safari tours destinations.

9:Kenya Diverse Cultures  

One more highlight from your list of the Top 10 Things to Do in Kenya is a cultural kenya safari, which will round out your trip to Kenya with a true taste of African experiences. Kenya is home to 42 fascinatingly distinct and unique cultures from various people of different origins. These cultures include both traditional and urban elements. You can choose to stay in the villages and experience the untainted traditional ways of life among Kenya’s indigenous locals, with the Maasai people being the most well-known and vibrant. You can also experience urban culture in Kenya’s cities, where you can never get enough of a fast-paced lifestyle.

10:Visit Kenya’s Archaeological sites

Kenya possesses the world’s greatest collection of prehistoric human fossils, stretching back over 100 million years, extending back to the dinosaur era. The National Museums of Kenya also house the world’s longest and most comprehensive record of human prehistory, covering over 27 million years.  You can travel to a number of prehistoric locations in the human cradle and find fascinating  Kenya wildlife and fossilised human remains. You may go to prehistoric sites like Kariandusi and Olorgasalie.