Enkewa camp

Enkewa Camp

Enkewa Camp one of the small luxury tented camp located at the center of Masai mara on the Southern part close to Siana Springs and Olderkesi community in the least exploited sector. Its owned by local Masai professional and experienced team, Enkewa Camp has 5 safari luxury tents each with Mess tent and enough large lounge area, running hot and cold water at the showers, clean flushing toilets and ensuite modern bathrooms. The camp has solar energy that provides 24hrs power, alternatively during rainy seasons the camp has stand by generator to supply power to the camp.

The camp is made up of local materials carefully chosen from nature; all the tents are fully free from all insects as they are all under insect-proof.  The camp nearest airstrip is Ol kiombo which is around 36 kilometers just 15 to 20 minutes drive, the modern tents have comfortable nice beds with private balcony for relaxing at the evening after the game drive.

Meals are served at personalized basis meaning the guest orders for his or her preferences with both continental and local dishes served, no buffet at the camp served, Enkewa camp has well stoked bar, library and the lounge.

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