Mara Enkajiang Tented Camp

Mara Enkajiang Tented Camp is a mid- range accommodation found in Oloolaimutiek village, Close to Oloolaimutiek gate just 15 minutes’ walk in Masaai Mara national park Kenya. The camp is situated approximately 4-5 hours’ drive from Nairobi City Center by Road and 50 minutes’ flight to the close ol-kiombo airstrip then few minutes’ drive to be transferred to the camp. The camp is in the perfect base for safari adventure to Tourists and travellers who want to spot wide range of wildlife and the beautiful Mara plain in the park

Mara Enkajiang tented Camp consists of over 5 spacious and comfortable en-suite tents overlooking the stunning view of the wilderness and surrounding Landscape. The camp offers the combination of king twin/ doubles beds for sharing, individual beds (single) and suitable for family/ group as well reflecting traditional building style with aesthetic design .Each tent is well raised on platform ,decorated and furnished with en-suite facilities of clean private flush toilets, inside hot water & cold showers,  mosquito nets, Wooden chairs & Tables, dressing Mirrors and tables, Complementary Bottled water, free toiletries, white duvet and pillows to mention but  a few.  Each tent has large sitting areas, veranda with a vintage view point of the Mara Plain, wildlife roaming around the camp since it’s not fenced and surrounding areas.  There is cracking fireplace where fire glows with comfortable chairs for guests to relax and share more experience about the safaris not only that it also provides warmth to visitors during bad weather.

Mara Enkajiang tented camp offers more services and facilities which include;

A dining  AREA  that serves different perfect  cuisines  both international ( vegetarians and non- vegetarians) and Kenyan cuisine to meets guests choice ;  buffet  breakfast overlooking the great views  , picnic lunch and  dining areas that serves both in and outdoor diners. A well trained friendly and organized staff that ensures comfort and safety. The camp serves bush breakfast enjoying the morning sunrises, wildlife and Bush Diners overlooking the stars in the sky.

 A well -stocked bar offering variety of refreshments, both, local, cocktail, wines, spirits and international beers, they also offer sundowner overlooking the stunning sunset, wildlife roaming around the camp since it’s not fenced and surrounding areas.

SERVICES INCLUDE ; free parking space available, Laundry and ironing services available, Airport pick up and drop-offs offered, solar energy with a back -up generator available.

 Internet Wifi hot spot available at the camp that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.

 Recreational activities  at the camp include; Game species viewing since the park has a variety of animals, Hot air ballooning safaris,birding /bird watching since the park has more bird species , nature walks in the park, walking night safaris, flying safaris  among many others

Mara Enkajiang Tented Camp
Mara Enkajiang Tented Camp

Masaai Mara National Park is among the largest and most visited park in Kenya known of its incredible density and variety of animals . it is  situated  270km north of Nairobi in Kenya occupying the total area of 1,510 km squared . There are many over 1 million tribes in Kenya, Masaai are an initial and local  group of semi –Nomadic people that settled in Kenya and the northern part of Tanzania. Maasai Mara National park is an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya, along the Tanzanian border. The park contains over a million of animals that include lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and hippos and 600 species of bird and 60 species of raptors in different colors. Wildebeest traverse its plains during their annual migration from Serengeti national park during July, August and October .The landscape has grassy plains and rolling hills, and is crossed by the Mara and Talek river. There are several accommodations in Masaai mara national park; budget, mid- range and luxury accommodation which are all friendly and convenient to guests visiting Masaai mara national park. There are different activities to do while in Masaai Mara national park; Game viewing,you spot various animals while migrating from Serengeti , boat cruise at mara river, hot air ballooning riding, bird watching since the park contains more bird species,  nature walks in the park, visiting masaai river, see wildebeest migration, flying safaris, cultural visits in the masaai homes and many others.

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