Archery in Kereita Forest

Archery in Kereita Forest  : Kereita forest is a settlement in Kenya’s Central Province, Kereita forest forms part of the Aberdare National Park, its located in Lari Kiambu county approximately 60 km from Nairobi, a few kilometers from the Kimende town, in to the Kereita village is aforest maintained by the Kijabe Environment Volunteers, during a Kenya safari to Kereita forest one can find trails in to the forest as well as the waterfall. The Kereita forest is very serene and pristine with a lot of the tree species with the medicinal value. On your adventurous and fun filled safari you will be greatly entertained by doing the likes of the Archery activity in the Kereita Forest Kenya.

Archery in Kereita Forest.

Archery is an activity where you shoot an arrow from a bow, this activity and the bow is one of the most archaic activities and weapons of the human kind to be developed in the upper Paleolithic, the activity was developed independently in the different cultures and times and replaced the spear throwers as projectile unit.

Archery activity is shooting, and this is perfectly done through doing enough practice, and consistency is paramount in everything you can do, during the archery activity in Kereita forest, engrossing experience, then Kereita Forest Kenya gives you the exactly what you wish to enjoy from it while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

Archery in Kereita Forest
Archery in Kereita Forest

Whether you are looking for a competitive sport to compete in or just a fun day out, then the Archery activity is the ancient pastime is an enduring favorite at The Kereita Forest. At the Kereita forest they like to take this activity a notch higher by placing targets on the different distances, and gives you the challenge to hit all these targets over 1 hour period.

Bows, Arrows and Targets provided by the Kereita Forest. Safety Clothing: solid shoes

PS: Should always dedicate the last shot to Robin Hood

Archery Requirements.


Arrows and the Targets provided by the forest.

Safety clothing and the solid shoes.

Archery charges

Adult Ksh 1200/USD 12

Child Ksh 1,100/USD 11.

Archery Fun Facts.

For much fun aim very closely for the bulls-eye and nail it.

For much more fun, keep missing the bulls eye till you get it.

You get to go back home with your target.

If you have what it takes to become a master archer; the talent, discipline and accuracy then find out Kereita forest and be prepared for some serious fun, even when you are looking for a competitive  sport to compete in or just a fun day  out this ancient archery is the best in the Kereita Forest.

Where to stay in Kereita Forest.

Kereita forest has a huge restaurant on the site that offers a buffet, a la carte meals over the beautiful and serene views of the forest, the restaurant has a bar as well that offers alcoholic drinks and cocktails at affordable prices.

Archery in Kereita Forest
Archery in Kereita Forest

How to get to Kereita Forest.

Kereita forest is located just an hour away from the Nairobi city in Kimende Town that is along the Nairobi-Nakuru high way. Kereita Forest can be accessed by both the private and the public means of transport from Nairobi to the forest.

If you’re driving, on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, branch off a Total Petro Station in Kimende. The directions to Kereita are very well indicated all through from there to the location. You can choose to stop by the View Point on your way there are witness the magnificent view of the Rift Valley.

If you’re using the public transport, you can take a matatu heading to Kijabe at the Globe Roundabout in Nairobi. Alight at Kimende and take a taxi to the Kereita forest.

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