Balloon Safaris in Masai Mara

Balloon Safaris in Masai Mara

Hot air balloon safaris in Masai mara is one of the incredible moments in Masai Mara is seeing the best Ecosystem of Masai mara while floating on air with an Eagle eye. There three safari companies that operate the Hot air balloon safaris in Masai mara one is Governors Camp, The Hot Air balloon which is the oldest with 100% record on safety and the Sky ship company.

The Hot air balloon safaris in Masai mara is once in lifetime experience one can never forget, its starting sound and shakes can scare and at most guests are advised to sit down cover their eyes as the balloon safari starts lifting the basket on air slowly with high heart bits as you internally feel the motions when its leaving the grounds as your body feels crazy yet you have no control over it.

The Hot air balloon safaris in Masai mara starts early in the morning with a wakeup call for light breakfast and be driven to the starting point where you will meet the pilot for briefing then enter to the Balloon basket and then kick off as we raise higher approaching the skys the sun will also be rising, our floating will take us between 1 o 2 hours depending on the weather of the day as we enjoy the birds view of the undulating beautiful scenery of the great rift valley, observing closely the big cats especially if they are on a hunt we follow them as we join them to hunt!!

Our happiness will be beyond imaginations flying together with birds of the Masai Mara exploring all deep corners of the reserve at tree top heights or below which gives clear panorama view an ideal angle for good photographic opportunities at an aerial point.

Upon landing a toast will be done with a glass of wine at the bush, heavy breakfast and finally certificates of success will be issued to all the crew on board. Be picked up by our driver guide who will add more game drives on ground to see more animals on another angle before we head back to our lodge for refreshments and lunch.

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