Best family safari lodges in Kenya

Best family safari lodges in Kenya

Best family safari lodges in Kenya : Kenya is a fantastic choice for hassle-free family safari vacations during the free time or half term since it is a safe and friendly country with lots of open space. This well-known safari destination is the most child-friendly nation to visit, making it an ideal family safari, especially if it’s your first trip.

Lewa wilderness.

Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenya’s oldest lodges and among the best family safari lodges in kenya. It is ideal for families with teenagers. Any adolescent will be delighted by the diverse array of activities that complement the breathtaking fauna and environment. There are tennis courts, a swimming pool, equestrian stables, and opportunities to swim in neighboring waterfalls in addition to the day and nighttime game drives. And as if that weren’t enough, the lodge owns a vintage yellow biplane that it uses for leisurely flights over the plains.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is one of the best family safari lodges in Kenya. The camp is next to the Masai Mara national park on its own private conservancy. There are too many reasons why we adore Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp to list. They are just the best at taking care of families especially those with small children. Many of the staff members are parents who have worked here for a very long time and have a true affection for the kids. They consistently deliver on their understanding of what helps parents and young children feel at ease and amused while on safari.

Youngsters can pick up survival skills like spear throwing and archery. They’ll learn about the local wildlife and the natural world as well. During the evening, parents (together with the children) can indulge themselves in a private bush bath with a view of the Masai Mara national park.

House in the Wild.

Nestled on a private estate spanning 1,000 acres, House in the Wild is situated at the northernmost point of the Maasai Mara environment.  Everything about this place, which is owned and operated by parents of little children, is meant to make families feel at home. With its large shallow area for play, the swimming pool is a toddler’s paradise. Families have the option to stay on the estate and enjoy activities like bike rides, croquet and badminton matches, and exploration of the expansive, wild vegetable garden in addition to having access to the renowned Maasai Mara national park. The large, well-constructed rooms allow parents to have lots of space while still being near their young children.

Mara Bush Houses.

Nestled in a serene area of the Mara North conservancy, these places offer the ideal haven for families looking to unwind following a day filled with excitement and activity. Having a private area to unwind in can be crucial while travelling as a family. These hidden gems are a rare find in the Masai Mara national park, as exclusive-use private dwellings are hard to come across. Each of the spacious, tastefully decorated Mara Bush Houses has a private pool and staff. Nestled in a serene area of the Mara North Conservancy, these areas offer the ideal haven for families seeking respite from a full day filled with adventures and pursuits. Designed with families in mind, these three-bedroom homes provide ample flexibility for families travelling on a kenya safari.

Angama Mara.

The tents, which feature some of the most exquisite and fashionable designs we’ve seen in Africa, are spaced out along the edge of the Oloololo escarpment and all have breathtaking views. Angama Mara, a legendary lodge situated 1,000 metres above the Maasai Mara plains, is unquestionably something you should do. The tents, which have some of the most exquisite and fashionable designs we’ve seen in Africa, are spaced out along the edge of the Oloololo escarpment and all have breathtaking views. Families may enjoy wonderful home-grown meals and a well-stocked wine cellar when they return to the luxurious lodge after a day of game drives in the abundant savanna below. Any family visiting here will feel incredibly pampered.

Best family safari lodges in Kenya
Angama Mara Lodge

And Beyond Kichwa Tembo.

Kinki-friendly, fashionable, and providing easy experiences all around, Kichwa Tembo is a Masai Mara mainstay. An institution in Masai Mara, Kichwa Tembo is family-friendly, elegant, and provides effortless experiences left, right, and centre. With 40 safari tents in all, it’s the ideal place to take a big family gathering because there’s something for everyone to do. There are breathtaking views of the Mara triangle from the tranquil pool. Since Kichwa Tembo is located on a private concession, gatherings can be arranged for sundowners and game drives. We brought 28 members of our extended family here following our wedding in Kenya since we are such ardent supporters.

Sarara Camp.

Sarara is among the best family safari lodges in Kenya and a wonderland for families hoping to venture off the usual path and encounter something genuinely extraordinary.

Sarara is a truly unique location, nestled amidst the 850,000 acres of unspoiled forest that comprise the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. Sarara is a wonderland for families hoping to venture off the usual path and experience something genuinely extraordinary. It is without a doubt the leader in the field of sustainable tourism thanks to its unique blend of experiential tourism, community involvement, and conservation focus. Visitors can explore Kenya’s first community-run elephant refuge, see Samburu culture firsthand, and go horseback riding with native Samburu rangers.

Ol Malo Lodge.

Situated on a vast private game reserve in Kenya’s isolated northern Laikipia plateau, this unforgettable lodge. Situated in the isolated northern Laikipia plateau of Kenya, this remarkable lodge is situated on an abundant private wildlife reserve. The Francombe family owns and operates it, and their main goal is to welcome guests from all over the world into their family home. Visitors may choose to stay either Ol Malo House or the main lodge. Numerous activities are available, including walks, mountain biking, game drives, camel treks, and even helicopter flights. You determine the pace; there are no predefined schedules. Ol Malo is therefore a haven for strengthening family ties.

Kinondo Kwetu.

A family-run boutique beach resort, Kinondo Kwetu is situated on a secluded beach on Kenya’s south coast. A family-run boutique beach lodge, Kinondo Kwetu is situated on a secluded beach on Kenya’s south coast. It’s common to refer to the lodge as a “home from home,” and that’s exactly how a visit feels. Owned by a Swedish family, the lodge offers a variety of sizes and types of lodging, making it ideal for all kinds of families. In addition to the stunning beach to explore, there are two wonderful pools, a yoga deck perched atop a cliff, horseback riding along the beach, and a variety of water activities available. Spending time together as a family before or after a safari is ideal with an escape from this place.

Giraffe Manor.

A stay at Giraffe Manor, a wonderland where giraffes come to visit for breakfast, is truly once-in-a-lifetime kenya safari experience that is unmatched anyplace in the world. Giraffe Manor in the Nairobi suburbs is the ultimate Instagram destination for families hoping to make their friends envious on social media. Giraffe Manor is a unique spot where giraffes come to stay for breakfast. It is a destination of amazement that is unmatched globally. Except for the long-necked occupants, this elegant old house is full of character, and families will be astonished by how up close and personal the experience is. That’s definitely something to tell everyone back home about.

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