Shimba Hills National Reserve

Best National Reserves in Kenya

Best National Reserves in Kenya : Kenya is such a stunning tourism safari destination that is everyone’s dream to come and explore the most magical destination on the world, with the main safari highlights that gives the tourists the most of the magnificent landscapes with the richness thrilling wildlife that surrounds the most attractive national reserves that are located in Kenya.

Best National Reserves in Kenya.

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is the best national reserve that is located in Kenya not only in Kenya but the reserve is one of the Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves, this is situated in the south-west part of Kenya along the Great Rift Valley area. Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the key popular tourism points in Kenya with a scenic expanse of gently rolling African savannah hills and a top Kenya safari destination.

Maasai Mara National reserve is one of the most famous and important wildlife conservation and wilderness area in Africa, world-renowned for its exceptional population of the most attractive big five mammal species that includes the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and the rhino these are among the major attractions in the reserve that makes millions and millions of the tourists to visit the reserve within year because the reserve gives the tourists the best wildlife safari experience, and these are best spotted during the nature walks, game drives  and among others  and these are best spotted during the dry months of the year in the park.

Best National Reserves in Kenya
Maasai mara

Maasai Mara National Reserve is blessed with the one of the eight natural wonders that is the great migration. The reserve rewards the tourists with the great migration that takes place in Maasai Mara National Reserve from Serengeti National Reserve in Tanzania, the great do take place during July to October and these crosses the Mara River as they are going to Maasai Mara. Though during the crossing of the river some of the wildebeest can be consumed by the crocodiles as they crossing, the rest that cross can be waited by the carnivores like the lions to be consumed again but the resilient ones becomes successful and goes to the reserve after crossing.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is such treasured being the bountiful part of Africa it’s a home to a very exciting collection of the wild beasts, with over 90 species of mammals and not forgetting many colorful and attractive bird species, Mara ecosystem keeps guests sighting the horizon to spot their next unforgettable sight.

Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National reserve is a game reserve on the banks of the Ewaso Ngi’ro River in Kenya. The reserve is located in the north of Laikipia. Samburu National reserve is a popular safari destination being the unique home of the rare northern special five species that includes the Grevy zebra, Somalia ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, beisa Oryx, and again the reserve has got the big five animal species.

Best National Reserves in Kenya
Samburu Elephants

Samburu National reserve is the amazing reserve in Kenya with the popular viewing of the African wild dogs as these make the tourists to enjoy and have the best safari ever in Kenya. Not only that the reserve exceeds and  inhabits the big cats that includes the cheetah, African leopard, lion can be spotted in the reserve, other animal species in the reserve includes the hippopotamus, buffalos, olive baboon, waterbuck, Kirk’s dik-dik, Grant’s gazelle and among others.

Shimba Hills National reserve.

Shimba Hills National Reserve is known as the largest coastal forests in East Africa after the Arabuko-Sokoke forest, this reserve is rich in flora and fauna and the reserve is renowned as the highest density of African elephant in Kenya.

Shimba Hills National reserve is the only place in the whole Kenya where the tourists can spot the magnificent sable antelopes, the tourists do enjoy the fascinating wildlife in the beautiful surroundings with volcanic hills and the grasslands. Other animal species that are found in the reserve includes the giraffes, genet, civet cat, hyenas, bush pig, buffalo, African bush baby, coastal black and white colobus, blue duiker, bush duiker, black-face vervet monkey, sykes monkey, serval cat and among others.

Other amazing and best national reserves in Kenya includes the Buffalo springs national reserve, Shaba national reserve, Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Bisanada National reserve, Lake Bogoria National Reserve and among many others.

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