Best Tips for The Best Photographic Safari

Best Tips for The Best Photographic Safari: On photographic safari, it’s the moment when your main intention is taking the great and amazing landscape pictures and as well as wildlife pictures. On the photographic safari taking the nice pictures is the greatest moment that you should not miss out, as this gives you the best safari moments. On a photographic safari there are beautiful Kenya safari destinations that gives you the best photographic safari including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda that makes your photographic safari the perfect one.

Best tips for the best photographic safari.

Choosing the right camera for a safari.

Choosing the right camera that is rugged, moisture-resistant makes your photographic safari the incredible one. At least the one that starts with 300/400mm equivalent (24×36 format) with the zoo lens rather than a prime lens that is having bright lens, as these lens for the landscape photography. These are some of the best factors to consider when acquiring for the best camera for a safari.

For a safari buying a polarizing filter for your telephoto lens will allow you to saturate and do brighten the coolers especially in the savannah especially the filters that have the following 67mm, 77mm, 95mm.

Renting the photo equipment for a safari.

Most of the times choosing the equipment is also necessary, at times some travelers may not be able to buy all the photographic equipment for the safari or not ready to spend all that much money on the lens that you will not use again once the safari is over. Renting photo equipment it’s a major photographic tip for a safari to be a successful one. You can rent a very nice one Canon 100 to 400 mm vII lens for a week that is paid less money rather than buying. But still if you see that you can still afford to buy it and you will still use it, after the Kenya safari you can as well do it.

Changing seats in the car.

Changing the seats in the car will not be able to help you take the same pictures when you are in front and the back of the car. One seat is not necessarily better than another, they are just different. If you are in the two front seats, than you will find it hard to take pictures towards the rear because you will often have people in the field of vision, and again you can be often the first to see the animal species.

Changing frames.

Changing frames is one of the most important tips to shoot the clear picture on the safari, take an example when you take like 40 pictures of the elephants in the full frame, it’s okay, but frankly everyone will be having the same pictures as you do. Varying you’re framing through taking the few full frame pictures but try to vary the type of the picture to integrate the animal in its natural environment, by lake and among others.

Shooting something else rather than wildlife.

After the long day, when done with the game drive and animal viewing and taking wildlife pictures, do not put your cameras down. One of the photographic tips that I can do recommend is to have better pictures in your safari is to think about taking other pictures. Like picture of your camp, landscape pictures and among others. It’s necessary to bear it in your mind that there are many other possibilities to capture beautiful pictures of your safari. Like the landscape are superb without wildlife.

Best Tips for The Best Photographic Safari
Best Tips for The Best Photographic Safari

Bringing equipment’s to clean your camera.

This is one of the photography tips for a successful safari, as the fact you are going to be passing in dust all day long, believe me your camera is going to suffer and pass through more conseques especially with the dust and the little getting stuck everywhere. Cleaning your camera equipment especially the body and lenses to remove all the dirt that will have been stuck is quite the best choice to go.

Ask the driver to change the position.

Don’t allow the driver to place you in the right position to take the pictures, it’s very possible that your guide may have some knowledge of photography, but this is not perfect, therefore be wise to discuss with him at the beginning of the Kenya safari, in order to know your photo expectations. As you’re during the safari do not hesitate to ask to move the vehicle to the right place with better view, a better light.

Observe and be patient.

This is among the major keyword on every safari to be patient, as this is not a zoo, you can drive for hours not seeing anything, as your driver sees something on the way will stop you in the distance, and finally when it’s like the herd of lion playing you will be grateful with the attractive sight. And you are not advised to be in a rush with pulling out a camera, because these lions might be there for a while. After you will be in plenty of time to capture the beautiful moments.

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