Budget Safaris in Rwanda


Budget Safaris in Rwanda: While planning your next budget African safari, keep in mind that Rwanda the land of a thousand is one of the best destinations to explore your budget Rwanda safari all year round. Rwanda is situated within East African region bordering Uganda the pearl of Africa, Tanzania, DRCongo and Burundi thus makes it easy to combine your East Africa safari from Rwanda to other neighboring countries. Rwanda is one of the best safari destination due to the fact that it offers plenty of excursions ranging from Cultural safaris, Wildlife viewing safaris, primate viewing safaris, Volcano hiking safaris and many more. Rwanda is not only a best country to visit in East Africa region but Africa at large. Being a developing country, Rwanda safaris attracts several tourists both local and international travelers all year round to explore its untapped destinations. The road nets in Rwanda are well developed compared to other countries in Africa. These roads are linked to the most of travel destinations in Rwanda making it easy for a self-drive from the City center, Kigali making it cheaper and budget friendly. The accommodation facilities on Rwanda are few, yes but most of them are budget friendly for the budget travelers. This however, doesn’t mean that Rwanda is strictly for budget travelers only, No! Rwanda offers a variety of safaris depending on one’s pocket ranging from Budget, Midrange as well as luxury. You will find that most of these hotels and lodges provide both local and international cuisine depending on what the tourist want and the budget. Rwanda is not a big country planning your 5-7 days is enough duration to enable you explore the best of Rwanda on your Budget Safaris in Rwanda.

Rwanda has only 3 stunning national parks including;

Volcanoes national park which is the only destination for gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking and volcano hiking safaris in Rwanda. Rwanda is amongst a few destinations in the world where one can encounter with the remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas thus Mountain gorilla trekking should be on top of your mind as your plan a Budget Safari in Rwanda. The other portion of mountain gorillas reside in Uganda the pearl of Africa and DRCongo. One can combine both Mountain Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking and volcano hiking of either mount Karisimbi or Mount Bisoke all found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. Other attractions to explore in Volcanoes national park include the twin Lakes of Burela and Ruhondo as well as taking on a cultural tour to the Gorilla Guardian Village (Ibyiwacu Cultural Village). Depending on what you wish to see, you can explore volcanoes national park for as low as 2 days to about 7 days on a budget Rwanda safari.

Another park to visit for your Budget Safari in Rwanda is Nyungwe forest national park the best destination in Rwanda basically visited for the Chimpanzee trekking safari and the canopy walk. Nyungwe forest national park is a home to more than 13 species of primates though Chimpanzees are the most recognized of all and is the major tourist attraction of the park followed by the Canopy. Within just 3 days safari from Kigali Rwanda, one can explore the best of Nyungwe forest national park for Chimpanzee trekking as well as Canopy walk.

The other park visited in Rwanda is Akagera national park which is the one and only Savanna Park that one can explore while on Budget Safaris in Rwanda. Akagera national park is the only Rwanda safari destination visited by tourists who wish to enjoy game drives in the savanna plains of Rwanda with an opportunity to spot the entire big 5 games including Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, and Rhinos without forgetting watching plenty of bird species as well as enjoy the boat ride along the Lake Ihema. An adventure in Akagera national park takes about 2-4 days.

Budget Safaris in Rwanda
Gorilla trekking Rwanda

Other stunning attractions to explore while on your Budget Safari in Rwanda including a visit to Lake Kivu one of the best hide out to relax outside city noise. While at Lake Kivu, tourists enjoy lots of beach activities including but not limited to swimming, boat cruise, nature walk and many more. You ought not to miss out of the Kigali city tour to visit market places, craft shops, explore different museums, and the Genocide memorial sites that were put up in order to commemorate the several thousands of Rwandese that were murdered in cold blood during the 1994 Genocide.


One can enjoy Budget Safaris in Rwanda but mostly the budget of the safari is affected by the number of travelers since the more the people, the cheaper the safari, nature of accommodation either budget, Midrange or luxury, the activities one intend to do, for instance a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs 1500$, a chimpanzee trekking permit costs $90 etc., and the number of days one intends to spend on a safari. It’s therefore advisable that you always let your tour consultant know your budget so appropriately plan and provide you with a safari that perfectly fit in your budget. Let’s take you on a budget Rwanda safari today.

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