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Camping in Masai Mara

Camping in Masai Mara

Camping in Masai Mara is one of the greatest experience referred to as the True African wildlife experience. Camping in Masai Mara especially in basic tents where one can feel the stars and the coldness of the nights in Masai Mara national reserve. hearing roaring lions at the deep of the night not forgetting when an Elephants vibrating footsteps pass near your tent. Most of the accommodations in all the conservancies of Masai Mara are tents which are constructed in environmental conservation policies to promote environmental conservation.

Camping safaris are much advantageous in that one feels close to nature, the camping grounds in Masai Mara national reserve has private tenting zones in which guests can go with their own tents or hire tents with sleeping bags and pitch them on ground.  Camping in Masai Mara are situated in an area with enough clean proper space for cooking with guaranteed security and privacy of guests. These areas are mostly used by trackers, backpackers and other budget guests who want to experience the true experience of the African experience.

Camping in Masai Mara

Camping safaris add much value to the guest experience and its much advantageous in that you will stay close to the wilderness, they are migratory depending on the weather and the movement of animals at the reserve.

The main Camping in Masai Mara areas in Masai Mara national reserve include the Sand River. this overlooks the river where all the animals come and quench their thirst, eat ever green water bank grass following the river, near Talek River which is just few meters away from the Talek Gate one of the few places around the reserve one can reach through public means

The other camping area and most famous is around the great Mara River where the annual animal world cup called the Great migrations that takes place between June and October, most guests like camping around this area during this time of the year so as to have enough time to watch these animals crossing as they survive for the fittest.

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