Flamingos in Lake Naivasha

Flamingos in Lake Naivasha : Lake Naivasha is the most attractive lake with in the Great Rift Valley with the freshwater. The lake is such incredible with the beautiful landscape surrounded by the swamp, forests of the fever tree. Lake Naivasha is 98 km journey from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya that takes the travelers 1 to 2.5 hours to the lake. Lake Naivasha being close to the city therefore it gets instant visitors hence the lake being popular day trip where various tourists come to visit the lake especially during the weekend. Though if you want to dodge the overcrowdings then you explore the lake during the week days on a  Kenya wildlife Safari.

Flamingos in Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is the right safari destination in Kenya when the travelers decides to carryout bird watching safari in Kenya. The lake is the birder’s haven with over 400 bird spices, majorly including the lesser and the greater flamingos that flocks to the lake. When the flamingos happen to accumulate at the lake they form the bright pink across the Lake’s surface hence attracting a variety of the tourists to come and explore the destination.

Tourists are rewarded with the long-legged, long necked, and well-dressed into the pink feathery coats, the flamingos in Lake Naivasha are the most top attractions in the world of birds. This becomes thrilling on your safari to Lake Naivasha as the flamingos tend to inhabit the shores of the of the lake. Flamingos are more available in Lake Naivasha due to the presence of the algae where the flamingos do feed on.

Flamingos are largely spotted during the rainy season in the months of November and May, when there is the presence of plenty food in the lake which makes the lake the most attractive one during that period of time. Not only the flamingos being known as the perfect bird species that surround Lake Naivasha as well the lake inhabits other bird species that includes the pelicans, fish eagles, kingfishers, cormorants, ducks, Guineafowl, Mourning collared-Dove, Red-chested Cuckoo, Striped Crake, Gray Crowned-Crane, African Jacania, Nightjars and among others.

Flamingos in Lake Naivasha
Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru

Not only Lake Naivasha being popular for the flamingos, the travelers who come to visit the lake also gets the chances to spot other animal species that includes the hippopotamuses, zebras, giraffes, and waterbucks and if you are lucky you may spot the leopard, and many others which makes their safari to Kenya the most spectacular one.

Where to stay in Lake Naivasha.

Tourists who come to explore Lake Naivasha specifically for the bird watching the flamingos. Are provided with the various numbers of the accommodation facilities that are comfortable and suitable for the tourists, with the best faciltites.The accommodations are divided in the various types that is Budget, mid-range and the luxury accommodations for example like Sawela lodges, Lake Naivasha resort, Aloe park Art Hotel, Dovenest lodge, El Sueno Homestay, Naivasha Peppercorn Holiday resort and among many others.

Best time to visit Lake Naivasha.

The best time to visit Naivasha is any time of the year, as long as the traveler is feeling to visit the lake. Though the tourists are recommended to visit the lake during the week days. Due to the fact that Lake Naivasha is proximity located close to Nairobi city therefore that means that the lake becomes congested during the weekend for the city dwellers.Therfore you are reminded that if you explore the lake from Monday to Thursday that’s the perfect time when you see the stunning nature and the landscape where you will be having the best time at the lake without any disruption of the city dwellers on your safari.

How to get to Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is not far away distance from Nairobi, so for the travelers who wish to travel from Nairobi to the lake it does not take a long distance. Therefore the travelers can both access Lake Naivasha with both the road transport and the air transport from Nairobi to the lake.

By Road transport.

The distance that the tourists do take from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha is around 98 km which takes approximately 2.5 hours along the Old Naivasha Road and the C88, and the cheapest way that the tourists should take is through matatu while using the private owned minibus that comforts 7 or 8 people. Also the Mololinen Express from Nairobi to Nakuru can also be another option where you get off at the Naivasha junction.

By Air transport.

Naivasha is a mere 15 minute’s flight from Nairobi while using the safari link and again there are daily scheduled flights at 3pm that costs USD 116 one-way. After reaching Lake Naivasha there are private airstrips that are served by the charter flights.

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