Guide To Malindi


Guide To Malindi : Kenya is an amazing destination with endless amazing scenery, wildlife, timeless cities and towns and one of the blistering towns is the coastal town of Malindi, Malindi town is a vibrant and gorgeous coastal town with beautiful historical sites, a marine park and amazing sandy beaches. Malindi town is a popular and favorite destination among Italian tourists.

Malindi is the second largest coastal town in Kenya lying 120 kilometers north of Mombasa, apart from being a prominent tourism destination in Kenya it is has also been an important port for hundreds of years. In the ancient Chinese documents this city is referred to as “Ma Lin De” meaning a stop on the trade route, historically Malindi battled with Mombasa for control of the coast thus explaining why Vasco Da Gama a Portuguese explorer received a warm welcome upon his arrival in 1498 in Malindi and in Mombasa he was given a cold shoulder.

 Vasco Da Gama cross made out of a Portuguese stone sits on a promontory on the southern tip of the Malindi Bay.

Malindi town hosts many attractive sites including picture perfect beaches with white sand and coconut palm, restaurants and resort hotels. The old Town of Malindi is such as great place for shopping of colorful fabrics, antiques and sandals, there is a beautiful marine national park that is Malindi Marine park and the nearby Watamu Marine national reserve populate for snorkeling and scuba diving experiences ad watching of fish and coral from a glass-bottom boat.

Location of Malindi

 Malindi coastal town is located at the mouth of Galana River and lies on the Indian coast about 20 kilometers northeast of Mombasa.

Climate of Malindi

 Malindi coastal town lies on the coast of Indian ocean and as a coastal town it experiences tropical Dry Savannah Climate with average temperatures that rarely changes. Malindi’s temperatures is hot all year round and there is very low chances of rain, 2 rainy seasons are experienced at Malindi with long and short rainy seasons. Long rainy season is experienced from April and May with dusting rains starting late march and ending through June, short rainy season is from November to December. The dry season at Malindi is experienced as short and long dry season, short season is from January to February and long dry season from July to October

 Interesting Facts about Malinda  

  • Malindi is a cardinal tourist attraction and a must visit destination for travelers on a Kenya safari/holiday.
  • Malindi serves as a waypoint and entry gateway for a domestic airport and a way point between Mombasa and Lamu.
Guide To Malindi
Guide To Malindi
  • The first written reference of Malindi comes from Abu-El-Fadi, a famous Kurdish photographer and historian specifying the location of Malindi as situated to the south of the mouth of the river starting from the mountain of Comr hundred miles away.
  • Malindi hosted the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama, his stay resulted into a trade agreement which established the main reason to the prosperity of the island thorough the export of ivory and rhino horns.

Activities to do in Malindi

Malindi coastal city is a very rewarding destination with very thrilling activities for every one ranging from historical enthusiasts, adventurers to beach lovers, while on your visit at Malindi coastal town here are some of the activities to do.

1.Deep sea fishing

If you are a fun of fishing activities Malindi offers an ecstatic experience as you deep sea fishing in the waters of Indian Ocean a perfect spot for angling excursions, while on deep sea fishing excursion you won’t only catching fish but also the charms of the underwater terrain and ocean currents.

 2Snorkeling and scuba diving

Snorkeling and diving are the must do activities while visiting Malindi coastal town most especially for water enthusiasts/ aquatic lovers, snorkeling and diving are done at Malindi Marine park offering you an excellent marine safari experience.

Snorkeling and diving gives you an incredible opportunity to explore the waters of Indian ocean and experience the beautiful of the ocean, viewing the coral reefs from the above and also get an up-close and personal experience with the reefs.

3.Visit Malindi Museum

Malindi Museum is an ideal site to visit for historical enthusiasts while on a visit to Malindi coastal town, Malindi Museum is a two-storey building situated near the Malindi Jetty. The Museum hosts various historical pieces and takes you through the colonial history of Malindi, it has a library and information Centre exhibiting information regarding to Malindi.

4.Explore Malindi

 Malindi is an idyllic seaside town worth exploring, this town is deeply rooted in a colorful and vibrant history that began in 1498 with the arrival of Vasco Da Gama. The city consists of many beautiful winding streets and centuries old houses screaming the influence of the Portuguese and history of Malindi.

Guide To Malindi
Guide To Malindi

5.Visit Malindi Marine park

 Malindi Marine park is a beautiful marine national park, the first of its own kind in Kenya established in 1968, this marine park is recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve Program.


Malindi is beautiful destination with swaying palm trees, ocean air and lovely beaches attracting many travelers, Malindi is a year round destination however the better to visit Malindi is between Mid-April and Mid August to Mid-October on your Kenya safari.


Malindi is situated in a distance of approximately 120 kilometers from Mombasa and to get to this beautiful coastal town air and road means of transport are used, Malindi Airport is the main gateway situated 2.5 kilometers out of town on the Mombasa road. By air, there are daily scheduled flights between Malindi and Mombasa as well as Nairobi and Lamu, this airport also serves private charters and from the airport to your accommodation in Malindi there are taxis available. By road, from Mombasa there is a good tar road used to connect Mombasa to Malindi.

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