Maasai Mara from Nairobi

How to get to Masai Mara from Nairobi

How to get to Masai Mara from Nairobi

Masai Mara national Reserve is located on the western part of Nairobi 280 kilometers away from Kenya’s capital. The reserve can be easily accessed by both flights that depart on daily basis from Wilson airport of by road that takes between 5 to 6 hours drive from Nairobi passing through the Masaai communities, we will have stop at Narok the famous Masaai town for craft shopping and lunch then continue to the park.

Driving is the best and most experiential especially to guest who wants to see the true African life style seeing the locals waving at the tourist car calling you “Munzungu” meaning white person.  The drive is so scenic as you get close observation of the great rift valley with clear view point at Mai Mahiu where you can see the deep valley escarpment.

The Road is bumpy especially after Narok town to Ololoolo gate hence requiring always 4×4 safari cars as you under go through “African Massage” while have good obser4vation along the road like the Masaai community, masaai grazing cattle and others.

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