How to plan a safari in Kenya

How to plan a safari in Kenya : Most people don’t think of safaris when they’re trying to plan a cheap vacation. It’s true that Africa is expensive, but if seeing the “big five” or some of Kenya’s culture highlights is on your list, there are ways to do it on the cheap. Our helpful guide will show you some sneaky ways to save money on your safari and help you plan a Kenya safari that won’t break the bank.

Stick to the shoulder season.

When you hear the word “holiday,” you probably think of long, sunny days and warm evenings, right? Well, if you can forget about that, you can find some amazing deals. When planning a cheap Kenya safari, you should really look at all the seasons and weigh the weather against the cost. For example, November is a great time to visit Kenya. Even though the weather can be hard to predict (you could see beautiful sunshine or get caught in a rain shower), this is a great time to see topi, impala, and giraffe give birth. And whenever there is a new life, there is always a lot of excitement as the big cats start to circle, waiting for a chance. April and May are often avoided by tourists because they can be a little, well, damp. Don’t let that get you down, though, because this is when you can find some of the best prices. In the Masai Mara, you can see elephants coming out of the forests to find the lush new shoots that have grown. This is a great time to see them. The other good thing about going when no one else is there is that you might have some places all to yourself. A nice change of pace from the Masai Mara’s most famous spots. Check out our guide to learn more about when to go to Kenya.

Tack on a couple of extra nights.

Even though it might not make sense, sometimes the longer you stay somewhere, the more money you save. Let’s talk about it. Many camps have great deals for people who stay longer (like pay for three nights and stay for four), which is a great reason to make your safari last longer. Some of our best places, like the Mara Expedition Camp in the Masai Mara and the Ol Donyo Lodge in Amboseli, are part of this great deal. Sanctuary Retreats has a similar deal where people staying at the beautiful Olonana Camp in the Mara can save up to 30% if they stay for 4-6 nights and up to 40% if they stay for 7+ nights. It just shows that you can still save money and have a long stay.


Kenya is near the equator, so it has pretty good weather all year. But there are two times when it rains a lot. When planning a safari, you have to think about the wet and dry months, as well as the cool and hot months. When going on a safari, it’s important to be ready with clothes and activities.

Your Safari Budget.

When planning a safari or tour anywhere in the world, a budget is usually one of the most important things to think about. A traditional luxury safari in Kenya may be quite pricey, but if you plan ahead, you can save money for the type of safari you want to go on. When making a budget for your safari, it is important to think about where you will stay, what you will do, and how long you will be there. You should always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. When planning your safari keep in mind the money you make and the type of safari you want to go on.

Type of Safari.

Your safari type will depend on what you want to do. There are different kinds of safaris, so if this is your first one, you may want to do some study and learn more about them. How you stay, what you do, and when you go will depend on the type of safari you choose. When planning your safari it’s important to decide what kind of adventure you want to go on.

How to plan a safari in Kenya
Kenya Safari

Find a private driver.

We know that getting a private driver isn’t usually on the list of ways to save money, but bear with us. Flying anywhere in Africa is likely to cost a lot, especially if you want to visit more than one place, so having your own driver can be a cheaper alternative. You’ll also get to see more of your surroundings as you move from place to place, and you might even see some wildlife (extra safari drive, anyone?!). You can easily switch out some of the flights on our Classic Kenya bush & beach and Conservation & culture in Kenya trips, and you’ll see so much more on the ground than from the air.

Choose safari destinations locations carefully.

When you’re planning an affordable Kenya safari and looking at all your choices, it can be easy to convince yourself that you have to stay inside the parks and conservancies to be in the middle of the action. Even though it’s a great choice, it’s not the only one, especially if you’re trying to plan an affordable Kenya vacation. There are some great lodges just outside the gates of many national parks, and they are generally a lot cheaper than those inside the parks. This means you can save money and still get up early to look for wildlife and explore the parks. Lake Nakuru National Park, for example, is known for its candy-floss pink flamingos, white and black rhinos, hyenas, leopards, and lions. Susie’s Camp and Camp Carnelley’s are both great budget choices that offer simple but well-placed lodging. If the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is on your list (and it should be, since it has a lot of rare animals), we suggest Kongoni Camp, which also has a view of Mount Kenya.

Any traveler should have a Kenyan safari on their list of things to do. You can use the tips above to plan your next safari to Kenya. So, why don’t you just do it? You won’t regret starting to plan your next safari in Kenya.

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