Mamba Village Centre

Mamba Village Centre is located on the Beach Road Round About, off Links Road, in the up market Nyali, Mombasa Kenya. The Mamba Village Centre during the tourists on a Kenya safari can learn a lot about the behavior and the life cycle of the world’s most fascinating amphibians-crocodiles. Besides that, a several horse riding facilities can be availed here. Prominent attractions of the Mamba Village Centre includes the botanical garden and an aquarium. The specialty here are the aquatic plants and orchids. Besides this, the gardens here also display the carnivorous species, all in all the major highlight for the tourists to visit the Mamba Village is watching the crocodiles fight for the morsels during their feeding Timings, which is a favorite attraction in Kenya.

Mamba Village Centre is the largest crocodile farm in Africa and is a home to over 1000 crocodiles both the young ones and the mature ones, this experience is breathtaking as it gives you the interaction of one on one with the wild, which is a home for the Big Daddy, which known as the oldest Crocodile.

Mamba Village Centre
Mamba Village Centre

This is a very popular tourist attraction for the residents and the non-resident tourists which is just only 15 minutes’ drive from Mombasa town, this is the most a awesome tourist attraction that combines farming, conservation and environment friendly quarry; it is where you have a good view selection of the most interesting members of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat, the best time to visit Mamba Village is during the feeding time is at around 5pm.

Your safari of the farm begins with a video presentation that introduces you to many reptile species and the valuable roles they play in the ecosystem of the world and the fascinating facts, such as the lifespan of the various species on the earth, bite force and the average life span, they will give you a greater appreciation for these prehistorical animals.

During the visit to the farm, your guide will belief you about the crocodile life cycle and behaviors while as your viewing lives of the crocodile of every size, starting from hatchlings to fully grown adults. Some of the crocodiles displays are labelled with the a description of age, length and weight, and one of the most predictable events at the farm is the daily crocodile feeding where the giants fight for the fresh meat.

The Mamba Village is the most popular area in the village, the tourists during Kenya safari may also enjoy horseback riding on its small estate and beginners can even take lessons, or may prefer the more outland camel riding, as well if the tourists are having enough time, they as well take a leisurely walk through the botanical gardens before enjoying a meal at the village restaurant that features a range of the game meats, such as the crocodile, zebra, ostrich and many more according to your choice. The Mamba Village opens all-round the year from 9:00am in the morning up to 6:00 pm in the evening.

It provides the various activities to the tourists who have come to visit the village feeding the crocodiles, boat rides, horde rides, and ostrich feeding and among others on the farm, the well maintained gardens overlooking a man-made lakes are exquisite for the photo shoots, team buildings, weddings, graduation parties.

Entrance fees of Mamba Village Centre.

The entry fee is Ksh 200 for the Kenyan citizens and Ksh 1000 for the foreigner. You can choose to walk the grounds by yourself, as a group, or even with a guide.

Mamba Village Centre
Mamba Village Centre

Best time to visit the Mamba Village Centre.

The best time to visit is during the afternoon, where you can get the opportunity to see the crocodiles being fed, as well as jumping in the air to grab large chunks of meat that are suspended  for them to grab.

Try and fix a date to see the  crocodiles when you visit the Mamba Village Centre in Mombasa, the Mamba village centre is one of the most popular places in the city and is a great place to embrace the nature. And the best way to explore the Mamba Village Centre is a great place to embrace the nature. The best way to explore this Area is through buying the Mamba Village Centre tickets from the ticket counter, well in advance. You can also book the Mamba Village Centre tour tickets to get a guided tour of the village centre and enhance the overall experience.

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