Masai Mara Lions

Masai Mara Lions

Masai Mara Lions

Masai Mara Lions, Masai Mara national Reserve is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world for its high concentration of the big Cats, its much easy for a guest to spot the big cats in Masai Mara than any other place in Africa due to its big eco system and the wonderful great wildebeest migration that happens annually hence giving the lions big share of the food to feed on.

Lions in Masai Mara are also vulnerable despite the fact that they are the kings of the jungle but this does not let all their competitors to keep quiet and sleep but think tooth and nail to see that they reduce on the population of the Masai Mara Lions in the park like Hyenas always attack and even eat the cubs, Leopards also when they access the cubs kill them  and the worst enemy is the lions themselves the male one which like feeding on the young ones hence making the lioness suffer to keep the young ones away from the adult males till some time when they are grown like three weeks.

Masai Mara Lions prides are mostly divided into groups those are:

  1. The Cheli and Peacock pride

This was named after commonly been seen at the camp of Cheli, guests around this camp could easily spot the pride which was consisted of around 16 to 19 lions. It started small with only three lioness which were Nuru, Lilly and Siti. In 2008 the group received some cubs but they were forced out in mid 2009 after the joining of Caesar the gaint which came from the River pride.

Sebastian and Rescue who were two of the big lions in the group disappeared and they were last seen around 2011 leaving Caesar and the other three lions Akiki, Jamal and Joshua with tight competition in the pride and this has affected the newly born cubs which are mostly killed by the male lions.

masai mara lions

  1. Enesikiria Pride

Which has 30 group members, its one of the biggest prides not only in Masai Mara but in the whole of African jungle located in the newly conserved area of Mara Naboisho Conservancy, the group has the oldest lions in Mara like Sero, Dada and Mickey.

These pride moments are always far from local communities with little effect on the locals but concentrates on the center of the reserve

Other small pride groups are the Acacia Pride, the Simba pride, the River Pride and many more small prides which get splinted due to competition up on growing young males.

Masai Mara unlike other game parks where there is much conflicts between the communities and the reserves, the Masaai locals cherish much the importance of wildlife and this has made it well for the lions to increase daily thanks goes to Mara predator project that has tried its best to protect the lions.

masai mara lions

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