Nairobi safari walk

Nairobi safari walk is a popular Kenya safari activity in Nairobi national park, this amazing and thrilling activity offers visitors a close encounter with nature and wildlife in this unique national park.

This 2.5 kilometers walking tour takes visitors on a discovery adventure of all the landscapes that exist in Nairobi national park, flora and Mammals including monitor lizards and crocodiles living in their habitats.

The Nairobi safari walk is a relaxed way to spend your day, this activity is a good option by people of all ages. This experience is very affordable and fun.

Nairobi safari walk is an educational and informative guided walking tour done on Langata road next to the Kenya Wildlife Service at Headquarters and the main entrance of the Nairobi national park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters is a big complex located 7 kilometers from Nairobi City, the walk gives visitors a clear picture of what to look forward to while on an exploration adventure in ant of the many Kenya National Parks while on the safari.

The Safari walk showcases Kenya’s vast natural diversity and eco-systems namely the savannahs, forests and wetlands, on this activity visitors walk along the raised broad walk through the different habitats. Visitors get to observe from close range the wonderful variety of wildlife in each ecosystem.

A wetland covered in water lilies and fringed with papyrus is the first ecosystem visitors will encounter, the wetland is also a home to grazing pigmy hippos and crocodiles.

The next habitat to encounter is the Savannah environment which hosts herds of albino zebras, other regular species include antelopes, giraffes, hyenas, the rare Bongo, white rhino, leopards, cheetahs and rhinos.

The raised boardwalks meander through the different enclosures with signboards along the way providing useful information on the species of plants and animals found here.

There are strategically located viewpoints close to the enclosures offering a close-up look at the occupants going about their daily lives, a nature trail through the woodland, the last of the 3 habitats in the Nairobi safari walk showcases some of Kenya’s indigenous plants with signposts along the trail describing their traditional uses.

There are beaches at various locations along the trail, these provide resting places for anyone wishing to take a moment to enjoy the forest sights and sounds. The trail meanders through 27 acres of wilderness, the Nairobi Safari Walk offers a neatly encapsulated walking safari.


The safari walk is located inside KWS Headquarters on Lang’ata Road, it is conveniently located about 30 minutes away from Nairobi CBD (Central Business District), near major malls, hospitals and airports.


The best time to visit Nairobi national park for a safari including the Nairobi safari walk is during the dry season, though the park can be visited all year round.

The dry season in Nairobi national park is from July to October and also January and February. The month of July has the lowest rainfall among all months of the year, along with July, August being the driest month in Nairobi City.

Nairobi safari walk can be done any time of the day.

Nairobi safari walk
Nairobi safari walk


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Nairobi national park is open daily from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.


Nairobi National Park is accessed by road via Langata Road from the center of Nairobi City, the park is situated approximately 7 kilometers South of Nairobi City – the capital city of Kenya.

The Nairobi national park is easily accessible by both public and private means, board a matatus going to Lang’ata (number 15) from Bus Station  or board a matatus going to Ongata Ronga (number 125/126) from Railway Bus Station. Alternatively you can hail a taxi to and from your home or hotel in Nairobi.

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