Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites : Rwanda genocide is a horrific war which occurred between 7th April and 15th July 1994 as a result of the Rwandan Civil War, the genocide lasted for around 100 days and in these days members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, the moderate Hutu and Twa were slaughtered by the armed militia resulted in to deaths of over 1,100,000 Hutus and Twa and about 500,000 to 800,000 Tutsi.

To commemorate the Rwanda genocide of 1994, a total of 8 genocide memorial sites were established spreading across Rwanda and these include

 Murambi Genocide Memorial site

Murambi Genocide Memorial site is a famous genocide site acknowledged for being a site where over 2700 individuals were slaughtered at the school in this site, Murambi genocide memorial Centre is also known as The Murambi Technical school situated near the town of Murambi in the southern region of Rwanda, Murambi is here the killings during the 1994 Rwanda genocide started from. When the killing started the Tutsi tried to hide in this technical school for protection, however they were lured into the trap instead by the bishop and the mayor who sent them into the technical school claiming that they will be protected by the French troops.

While at the technical 9school, no water or food was provided to the people and this was done to make sure they are too weak to resist, the Tutsi were then attacked by Hutu Interahamwe militiamen killing many of them.

Since the genocide, this school and the area was deserted and currently numerous corpses are preserved and the travelers visiting the site get to learn more about the genocide on the displayed corpses preserved in burial rooms and information. Murambi Genocide Memorial Site has a single mass grave were victims of the mass killing were given a decent burial.

Gisozi Memorial site

Gisozi Memorial Site is recognized to be the place where the most of the Tutsi were slaughtered by the Hutus, this genocide is located in Gasabo district close to Kigali city the capital of Rwanda.

In Gisozi memorial site the victims of the Tutsi and Hutus were buried in the same area in 2000 with over 300,000 people buried there, in 2004, the site was turned into a tourism center. The site features a library, a cemetery and a photo gallery where tourists get to learn more about the history of the genocide.

Gisenyi Memorial site

Gisenyi memorial site is a site here about 12000 remains of the Rwanda genocide victims of 1994 are kept, Gisenyi memorial site located in Gisenyi is the first memorial site to be recognized as established in Rwanda through the help of Ibuka and the ministry of youth, sports and culture.

The bodies of the victims buried at Gisenyi memorial site were collected from Nyundo and the area of Corniche, in this site there is Carr’s grave which is found in the area, this grave belongs to Carr an American who managed the Imbabazi orphanage.

Nyamata memorial site

Nyamata memorial site was a church until the Rwanda genocide of 1997 where over 2500 people who had gone taken refuge in the church were killed, the memorial site is located in Bugesera district  in approximately 35 kilometers from Kigali city the capital of Rwanda. Today this church still serves as a memorial site for 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites
Nyamata memorial site

Bisesero Memorial site

Bisesero memorial site is where over 30,000 people were killed and buried in the Kibuye region where it is found, this memorial site is located in Karongi district on the lower slopes of Kibuye region. Bisesero memorial site is where the Tutsi organized a stand up against Massacre, they were presented by the French soldiers because of their braveness and the opposition they displayed but due to their weak weapons, most of them were murdered by the Hutus.

Bisesero Memorial Site comprises of nine small structures symbolizing the 9 communities which initially formed the Kibuye region, currently this region is referred to as the Hill of resistance and this is because of the brave resistance exhibited by the Bisesero people against their oppressors.

Nyarubuye Memorial Site

Nyarubuye Memorial site was originally a convent and a school, in this site approximately 20000 people were man-slaughtered and buried in this site, as Tutsi tried to escape to Tanzania, they were brutally killed and their remains were reserved inside the convent for memorial. In 2003, the school was renovated and currently it hosts a number of students.

Nyanza Memorial Site

Nyanza memorial site was formerly a school in the names of ETO managed and governed by the United Nationals, before the genocide the United Nations officials had come to Rwanda to provide security to the Rwandese but as soon as the genocide began, they return back to their home countries and as a result of no assistance from United Nations (UN). The refuges were attacked and killed, most of the refuges were Tutsis and a few Hitus, at this site a memorial ritual is conducted on 11th April to commemorate the victims of the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Ntarama Memorial site

Ntarama Memorial site is a site where over 5000 people were killed in the church, this genocide is found in Bugesera about 30 kilometers and one hour’s drive from Kigali city the capital of Rwanda.  The Tutsi took refuge in the church where they were murdered, these people included women and children. Up to today, the church is not tampered.

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