Seeing the Wildebeest Migration

Seeing the Wildebeest Migration

Seeing the Wildebeest Migration, going to Africa!! many ask what to see how to reach and when to go? Africa is one of the best continents to go if one wants to enjoy real wildlife safari, its not expensive as many have anticipated but much affordable to all classes of guests. Masai mara cannot be mentioned and completed without one Seeing the Wildebeest Migration which is an annually event that takes place between Serengeti of Tanzania and Masai Mara national Reserve of Kenya.

These wonderful moments of excitements of Seeing the Wildebeest Migration are always much memorable if one sees by his or her self than reading or looking at the documentaries, the act starts between July and October and during that time millions of animals cross to Masai mara national Reserve from Serengeti for breeding purposes and looking for green fresh pastures then after they migrate back hence the action is twice every year but within that range of July and October sometimes early November depending on the rains since they follow the rainy season patterns

During this time you need to book your trip very early in order to secure nearby lodge which is good around the area so that you will have enough time to enjoy the world cup of nature which is played by millions of wildebeest and 1000’s of zebras versing few but large crocodiles and the lions along the mara River. The score is always not high since all the players are experienced mostly its 1 or 2 to zero depending on the lack of the season.

The action invites wide range of predators not only around the river to Seeing the Wildebeest Migration but the whole Masai mara as they come to welcome their visitors as well as neighbors to the home land of Masai Mara your role is to come early and leave late in the evening as you come with everything to keep you lively for the day.

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