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Tanzania Travel will enable you to have a fantastic safari experience. Our professionally trained experts on Tanzania safari are based permanently in Africa, have travelled extensively, and have first-hand knowledge of the places they recommend. Their goal is to ensure that your Tanzania Safari Tours are both safe and memorable.

Hi there, and welcome to Tanzania Travel Guide. This comprehensive resource provides information on Tanzanian National Parks and Game Reserves, activities, the ideal time to visit Tanzania, and the best safari activities in Tanzania, all hand-picked by Focus East Africa Tours.

Tanzania Visa

For most travellers, entry into Tanzania requires a Tanzanian visa. For information on Tanzania Travel Advice regarding visa-on-arrival or online application processes, you must get in touch with the appropriate issuing authorities. The issuance of these e-visas may take two to three weeks. Furthermore, travellers to Tanzania need to have a passport that is still valid six months after the original date of travel.

Tanzania Health

In addition, we advise our clients about Tanzania Travel Advice Health regarding any necessary vaccinations and immunisations. The following is the Tanzania Travel Warning about necessary health care:

Year-round malaria, including strains resistant to chloroquine, is present everywhere except above 1800 metres. Take antimalarial medication into consideration.

Yellow fever can happen, so find out if you need to get vaccinated before you go before you travel. The Zika virus, dengue, filariasis, and East African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) are among the other illnesses spread by insects. Make sure your lodging is insect-proof and apply a repellent.
AIDS and HIV are common. If you’re engaging in high-risk activities, exercise caution.

At heights greater than 2500 metres, anyone can get altitude sickness. Make sure you are in good physical condition and fit enough to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which stands at 5,895 metres. Consult your physician prior to departure.

Tanzania Entry Requirements

There are certain countries where entering without a visa doesn’t need to apply for one. To enter Tanzania, you will need a tourist or business visa, unless you have this authorization. According to our Tanzania travel guide, you can apply online for an e-visa by submitting and having your application approved online before your trip.

Travel Requirements for Tanzania include A valid passport must be carried for a longer duration in order to enter Tanzania. You may also be arrested, held, fined, and deported if you overstay the duration of your visa or permit.

Tanzania Safety and security

Here, we aim to dispel any doubts you may have about Tanzania’s safety for tourists. Here are a few Air Tanzania safety recommendations for all passengers:

When you arrive at a major bus station for the first time, hide your valuables under your clothes and keep your luggage as secure as possible.

Always hide your passport, cash, and other documents under baggy clothes in a pouch that is pressed up against your skin.

A copy of all important documents, including tickets, insurance policies, passports, and visas, should be kept. A copy of these scanned documents via email, along with your flight information and other travel details, should be carried by you and someone at home.

Ask the hotel if it’s safe to stroll around the neighbourhood if you want to. It’s wise to get local guidance on safety matters when visiting a new location.

When travelling in a car, keep your bags close to the vehicle and keep the side windows up when the traffic stops.

Tanzania Local Law And Customs

In Tanzania, plastic bags are prohibited.

Same-sex relations are illegal and punishable by up to 30 years in jail. LGBTI rights activists have been targeted by the authorities.

Don’t photograph military zones, weapons or personnel. It’s against the law.

Don’t use or carry illegal drugs.

Possession of pornographic materials is prohibited.

Tanzania has traditional standards for behaviour and dress, particularly in Zanzibar.

What to Pack

In terms of packing for Tanzania Safari Tours, we offer the best travel guide for Tanzania. For your Tanzania Safari Packing List, you can use the list provided below:

It is advised that you bring comfortable, light clothing that breathes well, especially in the midday sun.

Tanzania Travel
what to wear

It can be difficult to know what to pack for visitors visiting Tanzania. Bring warm safari pants that allow you to easily add or subtract coverage thanks to their zip-off knees.

The best answer to the question “What To Pack For Safari In Tanzania?” is walking or hiking shoes.


Travellers from both the west and the east should be aware of Tanzanian etiquette with regard to numerous cultural practices and beliefs. Focus East Africa Tours’ UK travel advice for Tanzania states that, in contrast to European nations, religion is strongly practiced in Tanzania, where the majority of people are either Christians or Muslims. Our advice for travellers visiting Tanzania from the USA is to politely ask permission before taking pictures of people. Although Tanzanians are known for being amiable and peaceful, they would prefer some manners when strangers take pictures of them.

Advice for Planning Your Safari in Tanzania

For their safe and secure travels, we also offer our clients Tanzania Safari Travel Tips.

Plan your timing carefully

Book early for the high season

Choose your activities

Expect other visitors in the high season

Tanzania is a stunning country endowed with breathtaking wildlife viewing and brilliant tropical beaches. Focus East Africa Tours offers the best Tanzania safari tours, including visits to Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar, and friendly locals.

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