The Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya : The Bomas of Kenya is a tourist village displaying traditional villages belonging to several tribes of Kenya, This is a home to the largest auditorium in Africa featuring replicas of traditional homesteads locally known as Bomas from 23 of Kenya’s ethnic groups. The Bomas of Kenya also features traditional dances which are performed in the large auditorium.

The Bomas of Kenya is located in Nairobi approximately 10 kilometers from the Central Business District

Origin of The Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya’s name originate from the a Masai word “Boma” meaning a homestead and in plural it is Bomas, the site was established in 1971 by the government of Kenya as a subsidiary company of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation as a tourist attraction. The Bomas Of Kenya where established so as to preserve, maintain and promote rich and diverse cultural value of various tribal groups found in Kenya.

The Utamaduni Restaurant

The Utamaduni Restaurant is a must visit while to The Bomas of Kenya especially for visitors who need to have a taste of local dishes from different regions of Kenya. The restaurant is managed by the Kenya Utalil College and prides itself in offering diverse food, from snacks and fast foods and local specialties.

The Bomas of Kenya
The Bomas of Kenya

Why you need to Visit the Bomas of Kenya?

This is one of the most rewarding sites to visit in Nairobi and Kenya as well for a Kenya cultural experience as it is a living museum displaying and celebrating the numerous colorful tribes of Kenya. The Bomas of Kenya is a great place to visit if you are seeking for an experience on which you will know about the lifestyle, music, art and culture of each of the tribes in the village.

During a Kenya cultural tour visit to the Bomas of Kenya, you will experience the rich diversity of Kenyan traditional music and dance through the daily cultural performances. The Bomas of Kenya features one of the largest auditoriums in Africa with a seating capacity of 3000, performances are performed in this auditorium and have approximately 50 dances performed by different ethnic communities with live percussions, string and wind instruments.

 Cultural performances

Cultural performances at The Bomas of Kenya are performed by several groups including The Bomas Harambee Dancers who are the country’s national dance company, proudly representing the beauty and diversity of Kenya’s music and dance traditions since 1973. Tourists get an opportunity to experience the delightful sounds and movements of Kenya, the troupe repertoire at The Bomas of Kenya consists of over 50 dances from different ethnic communities, by use of live percussion, string and wind instruments and diverse, wuthentic and energetic dance , Bomas Harambee Dancer will take you on an enchanting journey through Kenya.

The Harambee Dancers Portfolio

The Harambee Dancers Portfolio are resident dancers of The Bomas of Kenya founded in 1973 and named in honor of the First President’s call for unity and cooperation in building the Kenyan nation. For Four decades, the troupe is still active and its mission to preserve music and dance traditions of various ethnic communities of Kenya and showcase them to the international area which still remains relevant.

Cultural Artefacts

They collects and preserves cultural artefacts from various communities of Kenya, some of the artefacts at The Bomas of Kenya including stools, food and beverage containers used in a daily life and traditional circumcision knives, ritual masks and others reserved for special ceremonies. These artefacts can be viewed at the Gallery space andare mostly used for educational and exhibition purposes.

The Bomas of Kenya
The Bomas of Kenya

Opening Hours

The Bomas of Kenya are open on a daily basis from 10 am to 6 pm, cultural performances take place from Monday to Friday from 02:30 pm to 4 pm. On weekends and public holidays, performances are from 03:30 pm to 5:15 pm.

 Best Time to Visit The Bomas of Kenya

Visiting the Bomas of Kenya for a Kenya cultural experience can be at anytime of the year, however the best time to visit is during the dry season that is from July to October and also January and February

How to get to The Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya is located at Langata, near the main gate of Nairobi national Park, from Nairobi City you can use either a Bus, Matatu or a train to get to the Bomas of Kenya. From Nairobi City, you get off at Magadi Road from where it is about a 1 kilometer walk, turn right side of the road at the sign post thus reaching the site.

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