The Maasai Mara Triangle

The Masai mara triangle is an area located in the western part of Mara River next to Oloololo escarpment, its one of the most re-known ecosystem of Mara –Serengeti with the best fresh and nutritious grass and great scenic landscape.  The Masai mara triangle open grassland is accompanied by dotted Balanite tress that is distributed widely apart created manicured look together with a steep-sided Oloololo escarpment and the Mara River that attracts both predators and grazers in the area giving a nice great experience for the guests especially Photographers.

The Mara triangle is managed by the Mara Conservancy locally owned conservancy run by the local community and few partners, their efficient management is being characterized by continues training of the driver guides, anti poaching efforts, community service delivery like improvement infrastructure like Roads, community based schools, health and others.

The Triangle covers an area of 500 square Kilometers that includes seasonal Marshes, forests, open savannahs and many more diversified habitats hence giving high concentration of different animal and bid species.  Even if the Mara triangle is most famous but it remains one of the remote conservancies in Masai Mara national reserve with only two lodges around the Triangle with others mostly located on the Northern part of the Triangle at the border

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