Things to do in Watamu Marine National Park

Things to do in Watamu Marine National Park : Watamu Marine National Park is located about 90 miles (140 km) North of Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, the park was established in 1968. The Watamu Marine national park is the park of a complex of marine and tidal habitats along the Kenya’s north coast with rich and diverse bird life, fish, turtles and dugongs, there is the White Sand Beach, snorkelling, water skiing, windsurfing and glass bottomed boat tours to thrill while on Kenya Safaris .

Watamu Marine national park activities; the park is all the traveller’s dream that gives the best and amazing memories like bird watching, experience to the marine life and as well all the related activities that are greatly influenced by the good number of the Watamu Marine national park attractions, the activities done in the park are so special in that you have to recognise various marine species, practising all the activities done on water, fishing in Watamu Marine national park.

Watamu Marine national park is one place where you will enjoy all the water activates. There are diving excursions to the best diving spots in the park. Snorkelers can experience the reefs directly, or for an array of the reefs take a boat excursion to the coral sites, land- lubbers can enjoy the reefs from a comfortable glass- bottomed boat. There are also guided tours to the Mida Creek Mangrove Forest either on foot down the boardwalks or by canoe.

Things to do in Watamu Marine National Park 


Watamu Marine national park has the greatest coral reefs and the sea gardens in the park, over 150 species of the soft and hard corals can be seen, again you cannot miss spotting fan corals, sponges and the brain corals which attract over 1000 species of fish.

Things to do in Watamu National Park
Watamu Marine Park

The impressive thing about the Watamu Marine national park is that the fringing reef is 300 meters offshore which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the under water. The clear waters offer excellent visibility to snorkelers, for scuba divers there are more than 20 prime dive sites to explore and dive in; these diving sites are just 30 minutes offshore.

Big- game fishing.

Big game fishing activity though its prohibited in the Watamu Marine national park, the protected waters are perfect breeding grounds for many fish species and this causes excitement among fishers. These protected waters of Watamu are among the best spots for game fishing along the African coastline and fish like the Sailfish, Marlin, Spearfish and Swordfish are commonly found here.

During the big- game fishing there are deep- sea charter companies to choose from and the setting is perfect for beginners and seasoned fishermen, fishing competitions are held from December to March which is the prime fishing season.

Bird Watching.

Watamu Marine National park has the most known spotting four strategic bird areas to watch from as they include the Whale Island, Mida Creek, Dakatcha Woodland, and the Sabaki River Mouth. The interest is on water birds and the myriad egrets, Plovers, Sandpipers and the Terns are seen here. Others include the migrant birds as Warblers, Flycatchers, Shrikes, Sunbirds, Orioles and among others.

Turtle Watch.

At Watamu Marine national park there is the Turtle watch here you can learn more about the interesting turtles and the great work done them to protect the threaten creatures. The rehabilitated turtles are later released to the sea and the hatchlings are allowed to make their way to the sea.

Dolphin- watching.

In Watamu Marine national park there are Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins which are the Indian Ocean humpback dolphins in the world, naturally. Watamu Marine Excursions are the established dolphin watching tours guides with over 20 years’ experience, these guides provide an informed experience, compliant with dolphin watching guidelines.

Things to do in Watamu National Park
Dolphin- watching

Sailing on traditional Arabic Dhow.

In Watamu Marine national park offers great opportunities for the guests in the traditional Arabic Dhow as a way of enjoyment as they view various features of the park for example the fish species, the bird species which gives the unforgettable memory to them. Also the glass bottomed boat rides are done in the Watamu Marine national park.

Watamu Marine National Park as well offers various activities like water skiing, wind surfing, sunbathing which are done near the park, these activities are also one

Best Time To Visit Watamu Marine national park.

Watamu Marine national park is near the equator, making it warm all the year round, October to April are the best months for diving, snorkelling and fishing, while the turtle nesting and hatching is an all- year- round activity.

 Watamu was voted one of the top ten beaches in the world, when you’re at Watamu it’s a life time experience steeped in natural fauna and flora. A visit to Watamu while on Kenya Safaris is easily justified after delving deep into the coral reef gardens inside the park as your walking into the sky – blue clear sea, spot the parrotfish, whose digestion of the coral reefs over the millennia has produced the white sand beach its self, other common species of fish comprising the brightly coloured underwater matrix include angelfish, groupers, filefish, lionfish as well as snappers.

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