Tips For Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari 2024

Tips For Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari 2024

Tips For Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari 2024 : There are many things you will want to do when you begin making trip arrangements for 2024 and travel becomes the new normal. Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic between 2020 and 2021 has proven to be difficult and challenging, as all safari destinations are on high alert to contain the spread of the virus.

Travel appears to be opening up as we speak, and 2024 is promising with several countries offering flexibility and easy travel.

We have a lot of suggestions for you when you organize your safaris to see the wildebeest migration in 2024. But our safari specialists are always available to assist you in planning and organizing your safari. This will make it easy and ensure all bits of safari are looked at keenly in order to meet your expectations while on safari with us.

Designing your itineraries acutely is what we do best, but as well considering having our able safari guide experts with you all through your holiday is our optimum priority to ensure they look after you pretty well.

Our safaris are designed to cover all major safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. Our combined safaris to Kenya and Tanzania are specially crafted safari itineraries featuring both countries.

Ideal for seeing the migration of wild animals, big cats, and unique sights like the world’s largest crater, Ngorongoro Crater. It can also take you to Samburu National Reserve, where you can see the unique five species, which include grevy zebras, Somali ostriches, reticulated giraffes, Beisa oryx, and gerenuks.

Tips For Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari 2024
The Great Migration

Five Tips For Planning Your Wildebeest Migration Safari 2024.

Let’s now examine some of the most important advice you should have before organizing your safaris to see the wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya. With these pointers, you’ll be able to make the right plans and remember things like when to book, which camps and lodges are the best, and more.

When to Planning and Make Enquiry

As you plan to witness the 7th wonder of the world in Kenya and Tanzania, please note this is the most loved and most witnessed wildlife event in Africa. It is therefore strongly advised to plan ahead in order to guarantee your vacation reservation.

We advise beginning preparations and queries between December and March of each year. This window of time from March to July allows you to tinker and modify the schedule a little. Plan ahead for your safaris to see the wildebeest migration.

Book Dates and Number of Days

As you start to plan this expedition, you will ask yourself when is the best time for the wildebeest migration and crossings. Well, it’s not provided of the dates to witness the wildebeest crossings to be particular.

We recommend you book this safari between the End of July and Mid October, consider a minimum of 12 days of Kenya and Tanzania safari to Serengeti and Maasai Mara.

Accommodations Camps & Lodges

Where you stay on your Wildebeest migration expeditions, do matter a lot. Some of the accommodation camps are more luxurious because of their excellent position to witness the wildebeest crossings at a short distance.

This helps you have an optimal view and experience of this lifetime phenomenon. To have this chance, an early booking would be required to secure your booking, and have the best camps that will offer you maximum experience.

What to bring

While this is a lifetime experience, it’s good to make those lifetime memories. Since there will be a lot of wildlife during this season, it is advisable to bring along an excellent camera that can record every moment and appropriate safari clothing that won’t draw attention to yourself or the animals. You should also bring along insect repellents to ensure a relaxed safari experience.

Plan on other activities

It’s not only the wildebeest migration and crossings that will color your safari, but addons are best to compliment your whole experience in Kenya and Tanzania. Including additional safari activities will enhance your vacation experience.

Take a walk on an African safari and observe various wildlife species; take a balloon safari and witness the migration from above; participate in cultural and communal events such as touring Maasai communities and discovering their way of life.

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