Top 5 Places To Stay During The Annual Wildebeest Migration in Kenya


The annual wildebeest migration is one of the 7 wonders in the world and the greatest wildlife migration ever witnessed on earth , in the migration  millions of wildebeests accompanied by thousands zebras, Thomson and grant’s gazelles move in the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem following an old route in their search for green pastures and water.

The annual wildebeest migration happens in Kenya and Tanzania specifically in Maasai Mara national reserve and Serengeti national park, the migration is one of the most sought event in the wildlife world and while on a Kenya wildebeest migration safari. Here are the top 5 places to stay at to watch the migration.


Royal Mara Safari Lodge is one of the top 5 places to stay during your wildebeest migration safari in Kenya, this lodge is located is situated directly on the wildebeest migration route and sited in the Siria Escarpment. Royal Mara Safari Lodge is located in the Mara North Conservancy where you get to watch over 2 million wildebeests, gazelles, gazelles and zebras bravely cross the waters of Mara river infested with deadly Nile crocodiles as they cross over to the lush plains of Maasai Mara and the Mara North Conservancy.

 Royal Mara Safari Lodge has a total of 8 luxury and spacious guest suites situated with river frontage, these suites feature flush toilets, bidets, twin basins, luxury showers, hot water and electricity. These river guest suites also have Maasai carpeting, colonial antiques and African artifacts such as a wardrobe, cabinet, a writing desk, safe deposit box and a sitting area. Each of the river guest suite has a total area of 110 square meters consisting of a sleeping area of 36 square meters, a bath facility of 22 square meters and a veranda of 52 square meters.

Facilities at Royal Mara Safari Lodge include dining and bars, meals are served in the large canvas dining tent with magnificent view of the surrounding scenery. Breakfast is served in the bush or by the hippo pools. Lunch is served in camp, BBQ by the river and dinner is served in the dining room.

Top 5 Places To Stay During The Annual Wildebeest Migration in Kenya
Royal Mara Safari Lodge


Kichwa Tembo Camp is an intimate safari camp offering an out of Africa safari experience, the camp is situated in the heart of Maasai Mara sprawling along the Saparingo River on the edge of the Oloololo escarpment. Kichwa Tembo camp is situated in the seasonal path of the great wildebeest migration where the riverine forest meets the sweeping plains.

Kichwa Tembo Camp is set on a private concession with abundance of iconic wildlife and panoramic Maasai Mara views, this camp is one of the top 5 places to stay during your annual wildebeest migration safari in Maasai Mara national reserve.

Kichwa Tembo Camp consists of 12 classic tents, 20 superior tents and 8 superior view tents offering a comfortable stay during wildebeest migration safari. These tents are laid out in immaculate grounds with timeless interiors (simple, sophisticated and stylish), wildlife species such as warthogs are usually outside the tent feeding which adds on to your experience at the camp.

Kichwa Tembo Camp was made famous who stayed at camp during the filming of “out of Africa” film, the camp features a swimming pool, a fine dining restaurant, a bar and a camp fire. Kichwa Tembo Camp offers entertaining activities such as game drives in both Maasai Mara national reserve and the concession, bush walks along the Mara River or Oloololo Escarpment, hot air balloon ride over the vast rolling plains of Maasai Mara, cultural village tours and Massages.


Little Governor’s camp is an intimate getaway in Kenya located on the edge of the Maasai Mara national reserve a popular Kenya safari destination, the camp is one of the best places to stay while on safari in Kenya to watch the annual wildebeest migration. Little Governor’s Camp is tucked in a riverine forest and is accessed by a very short boat ride across the magnificent Mara River and a quick escorted walk through the Riverine forest.

Little Governor’s camp consists of 17 luxury en-suite tents tucked along a large watering hole teeming with both birds and wildlife which can been seen from your tent, the beautiful tents feature wooden decks with large verandahs ideal for game viewing around your tent. The camp is situated close to the Mara River with magnificent views across to the Oloololo escarpment.

Little Governor’s camp’s facilities include Mess tent with bar overlooking the waterhole, dining tent, souvenir shop and reception. At the camp, Spa treatments are offered and done within the comfort and privacy of your tent.

Top 5 Places To Stay During The Annual Wildebeest Migration in Kenya
Little Governor’s camp


Mara Serena Safari Lodge is a 2021 Trip Advisor Traveller’s choice winner and one of the top 5 places to stay during your wildebeest safari in Kenya, Mara Serena Safari Lodge is located at the center of the Mara Triangle of Maasai Mara national reserve and is set on a hill overlooking the African Savannah and Mara River.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge offers a ring seat to the Great migration and magnificent views of the savannah plains and Mara River filled with hippos, the lodge is a perfect place to watch the Mara river crossing which is the centre stage of the annual wildebeest migration and the most dramatic stage of the migration. In the Mara river crossing, the migrating herds attempt to cross the River and facing off with crocodiles in the river and predators on the banks of the river.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge has a total of 74 guest rooms including suites, these rooms were inspired by a traditional Maasai Manyatta and they offer magnificent views of Sweeping Mara River and savannah views. Accommodation at Mara Serena Safari Lodge are adorned in swirling patterns reflecting the colors and shapes of the bush, the rooms feature Maasai inspired design motifs, king or twin beds, mosquito curtaining and en-suite marble bathrooms with walk in showers. Contemporary amenities in these rooms include complementary internet, television with satellite channels, ceiling fans/air conditioning and ironing facilities. Facilities at Mara Serena Safari Lodge include a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, reception services, BBQ facilities, wellness services, shared TV lounge among others.


Kicheche Mara Camp is a photographer’s paradise and one of the best places to stay during your wildebeest safari in Kenya’s Maasai Mara national reserve, Kicheche Mara Camp is a tented camp situated in the Mara north conservancy which is a 74,000 acres of community-owned wilderness.

Kicheche Mara Camp is a charming and intimate camp with comfortable tents overlooking the Olare Orok stream in the acacia valley, the camp consists of naturally colored canvas tents connected by stone paths and surrounded by stone paths and uncut vegetation where the wildlife roam freely.

Kicheche Mara Camp offers comfortable accommodation in tents situated in secluded positions overlooking the plains and nearby hills, these tents are categorized as trip, quad and family tents. Each of the tent is comfortably furnished and have en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets. Kicheche Mara Camp is a very popular spot for photographers flocking the camp to take amazing pictures of nature and wildlife including wildebeest migration.

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