Weather in Nairobi (Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature)

Weather in Nairobi (Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature)

Weather in Nairobi (Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature) : Nairobi city is not just a capital city of Kenya but also a wonderful Kenya safari destination which many tourist destinations such as Nairobi national park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe center among others which are visited by millions of travelers each year.

Tours in Nairobi city are very wonderful but they are generally determined by the weather in Nairobi city, many travelers think that Nairobi city is generally warm and hot which is not completely true. This article takes you through the weather in Nairobi that is climate, seasons and average monthly temperatures and it will help you determine the best time of the year you should visit Nairobi city.

Nairobi city experiences short and warm days in the summer months but it can be cool and dry in the winter months. Summers are the best time to visit Nairobi safari due to mild temperatures ranging from the low 70s F to the lows of 80s F, warm seasons in Nairobi city are experienced from mid-January to mid-march with average high temperatures near 80. Cooler season in Nairobi is experienced from June to August with daily high temperatures in the low to mid 70s F.

Quick facts about Nairobi’s weather

  • The hottest month in Nairobi February with 81 F
  • The coldest month in Nairobi is July with 71 F
  • The wettest month in Nairobi is April with 3.4 inches of rainfall
  • The windiest month in Nairobi is December with 11 mph

Weather seasons in Nairobi

Nairobi experiences varying weather seasons at different times of the year and these are as follows,

Rainy Season

Nairobi experience two different rainy seasons, one occurring in spring from March to May “long rain season” and another season occurring between Mid-October to Mid-December “short rain season ”, the spring rainy season is a longer rainy season in Nairobi with April being the wettest month with a total of about 8 inches of rain.

In the short rainy season period occurring in the winter months a total of about 5 inches of rain is received with November being the heavy rainy period, on the average Nairobi experiences 2 inches of rain per month throughout the year.

 Summer in Nairobi

Kenya as a country is dissected by the equator resulting into small seasonal variations in Nairobi when compared to summer and winter months of other areas, Nairobi city is generally experiences cooler temperatures in summer months. In Nairobi city summer is experienced from December to March.

Temperatures in Nairobi are very pleasant during day and cool in the evening, this is because of the altitude of altitude. In summer months temperatures experienced can get as low as 50s F and high temperatures get as high 70s F and even close to 80 F, summer months experience little rainfall but it can get to be quite cloudy yet cool in the evening.

 What to pack for summer season in Nairobi

  • Light sweater or a jacket for cool evening
  • A cap
  • Light clothing such as shirts, vests, T-shirts for day
  • Caps and huts
  • Sun screen and sun glasses to prevent you from the scotching sunlight rays

Fall in Nairobi

Fall season in Nairobi is experienced from September to Mid-October with temperatures between 65 F and 80 F and little to no rain, in September little rainfall is expected and an increase in cloud cover is visible. Because of the pleasant weather condition with minimal rainfalls, the fall season is the best time to visit Nairobi to enjoy outdoor tourist activities such as hiking, city tours and many more.

In the fall season the sun sets at around 6:45 pm thus providing long day to enjoy outdoor activities while on a Kenya Safari.

What to Pack for fall season in Nairobi city

  • Floppy and light weight hat for outdoor activity such as game safari or hiking
  • Sunscreen and sun glasses
  • Light clothing

Winter in Nairobi

Winter season in Nairobi is experienced from June to September, the winter season is generally very short, dry, partly cloudy and a bit cloudy. There is no huge variation in temperatures from summer to winter seasons in Nairobi, average temperatures are lower 70s F and average low temperatures are lower 50s F.

Weather in Nairobi (Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature)
Nairobi City

In the winter season, June is the calmest time of the season and the year as well in regards to wind speeds with an hourly average of 6.7 miles per hour. In winter season is perfect time for outdoor activities in Nairobi such as visiting the Nairobi national park and this is due to the dry, long day and cooler temperatures.

What to Pack for winter season in Nairobi City?

  • Light but warm clothing
  • Warm jacket for cooler nights

Spring in Nairobi

Spring in Nairobi occurs from March to May with April showers being the rainiest month of the year, generally the long rainy season occurs in the spring months. In spring season, daily temperatures are in the mid-70s F during day and as low as 60s F in the evenings. Though the rainy is expected in this season, the afternoons are usually clear with only cloudy skies. During the most days of this season even rainy days, the humidity is not as much.

Spring season is a perfect season to enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting various museums such as the Karen Blixen Museum, the Nairobi national Museum and others.

What to Pack for spring season in Nairobi?

Spring season is a longer rainy season in Nairobi so your packing list should have

  • A small umbrella
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm clothing

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

   Average Temp. Rainfall  Daylight Hours
 January 79 F 1.1 inches 12  hours
 February 81 F 0.8 inches 12  hours
March 78 F 2.0 inches 12  hours
April 76 F 3.4 inches 12  hours
May 74 F 2.5 inches 12  hours
June 73 F 0.5 inches 12  hours
July 71 F 0.1 inches 12  hours
August 73 F 0.2 inches 12  hours
September 78 F 0.2 inches 12  hours
 October 77 F 1.5 inches 12  hours
November 75 F 2.5 inches 12  hours
December 77 F 2.0 inches

12  hours


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