What to know before visiting Kenya

What to know before visiting Kenya

What to know before visiting kenya : Kenya is one of the amazing safari destination every individual wishes to visit for once in life, Kenya is a dream land with various safari destinations such as the famous Maasai Mara national reserve famously known for the great wildebeest migration, Mount Kenya for Mount Climbing safaris, Lake Nakuru national park among others.

As a tourist visiting Kenya for a first time, here are the few things to do before you jet off to Kenya for a mind blowing safari experience

Visit the doctor and get your needed shots

For any traveler, health is a very important issue which cannot be under looked while travelling to Kenya for a safari most especially for the first time travelers. Before coming to Kenya make sure you visit your doctor and take any needed shots including

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow fever
  • Hepatitis B
  • Cholera
  • Rabies

On top of taking shots, make sure you keep proper documentation just in case you are asked at the entry points in Kenya.

Observe personal safety rules while visiting Kenya

As a traveler, it is important to observe personal safety rules while on a safari in Kenya, Kenya is predominately a Christian and Islamic nation which is important for travelers to be aware of their individual personal dress and habits while visiting Kenya.

While in Kenya for a safari, here are a few personal safety rules to observe

  • Avoid wearing flashy clothes, jewelry pieces or carrying expensive gadgets in public as they can attract thieves which makes travelers target.
  • Carry a copy of passport with you all the time, this is to help you in case you are lost or used as proof of you being a tourist in Kenya.

Pack for your journey

A safari to Kenya definitely means you are to engage in various Kenya safari activities such as game viewing, hiking, mount climbing and bird watching among others. To enjoy your safari in Kenya you need to have the right packing list and some of the items which shouldn’t miss in your safari bag include

  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Shorts
  • Raincoat
  • Sunglasses and hats among others.

Be aware of the water supply

Generally the water supply in Kenya is clean but as individuals our bodies have different reactions to the water, to be sure it is important to make sure plenty of bottled water is available during your safari.

As a tourist you shouldn’t worry about water at the hotel and lodges as they are safe and clean for bathing and brushing.

Things to know before visiting kenya
What to know before visiting Kenya

Note:  while on a Kenya safari make sure you stay hydrated and this is achieved by drinking plenty of drinks as you will be spending days walking around the intense heat and sunlight in various Kenya safari destinations.

Plan activities to do on your safari

Kenya offers several amazing Kenya safari activities which you can participate in as a traveler on a Kenya safari, as a first timer traveler in Kenya for a safari it might be hard to choose the right activities to do which fall in line with your interests on a safari. To overcome this, you need to plan your activities in time before jetting off to a safari in Kenya, make your to do list of the daily activities you wish to do while on a safari in Kenya

Learn Swahili key phrases

Communication is key while on a safari for the first time in Kenya, in Kenya English and Swahili are the most spoken languages and with these languages you can be understood easily. As first time traveler task yourself to learn about culture of the Kenya locals including learning some of the most crucial communication works which are usually in Swahili.

Some of the most crucial words to learn include

  • Hujambo – Hujambo is a friendly greeting meaning Hello or How are you.
  • Asante – meaning thank you
  • Hatari – meaning danger or stop

Even if you are not fluent in Swahili, Kenyan locals really appreciate a foreigner taking his or her time to learn and speak Swahili.

Have a tour guide teach you more about Kenya’s locals

When visiting Kenya for the first time make use of a safari/tour guide, these safari guide a well informed about Kenya and while visiting Kenya you can ask your guide to teach you more about various aspects of Kenya such as tribes and their customs.

The most prominent tribes to stay more in Kenya are the Maasai and the Samburu people who are the visited tribes during Kenya cultural safaris. In the process of learning more about the local tribe you will find out foods they eat, their unique lifestyle and traditions which are carried on from one generation to another.

Always take note and carefully listen to your guide’s advices and alerts most especially in areas like slums so as to avoid being a target for theft or getting mugged.

Practice safe travel if Alone

Safety is very paramount when on a safari and practicing safe travel is mandatory most especially when you are visiting Kenya for the first time and alone, when you are traveling alone most especially if you are a woman take extra precautions including

  • Limit your travels in Kenya to daytime, if you are planning on moving at night such as going to the restaurant or bar, limit the movements to places close to your hotel or lodge. In most cases it is advisable to move with your safari guide.
  • Make it a point to meet up and with other group of tourists while on your Kenya safari, this way you will make new friends and have more adventure as you are in company of people with same interest.

When travelling alone in Kenya as a tourist for the first time, practice safety.

Have a travel adapter for electronics

Power is very important during your safari in very African safari destination including Kenya, Kenya as a country has reliable power and as a first traveler you shouldn’t be worried about power. Power to charge your phone, laptop and other electronic appliances you will need on the safari is readily available in the hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Though power is available, it is your duty as a traveler to carry your own adapters perfect for your devices, this is because adapter outlets in Africa including Kenya are different from most parts of the world which is why it is very crucial to have your own adapter outlet.

Read a guide book before your trip

Before you visit Kenya for the first time it is very important to take your time out and read through a Kenya guide book, Kenya guide books can be got from various book stores and some information about Kenya can be found online in case you cannot find the book in the stores.

Reading a Kenya guide book will give more insight and information regarding Kenya and its various wildlife destinations which you can visit, while going through the guide book focus more on

  • The type of accommodation (safari lodges, hotels and camps) to stay at while on a Kenya safari and make a follow up by reading some of the online reviews about the hotels or safari lodges.
  • Areas you should avoid during your Kenya safari, the guide book details areas which are deemed not to be safe to tourists.
  • A local place of interests such as market places, shopping malls, crafts shops among others.

Note: For first time travelers visiting Kenya alone, it is important to be cautious and if possible join others travelers on a safari to Kenya, avoid working alone in lonely places most especially at night.

Prepare to have an adventure

Visiting a new country/safari destination is very exhilarating to people who enjoy travelling and adventure, so when visiting Kenya for a safari it is important to take your time while preparing for your safari. In the process of making your safari preparations, make sure you get ready to be safe and have fun in the same way.


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