Losai National Reserve

Losai National Reserve is in Northern Kenya, in Samburu town, the reserve is a wild, semi-desert land scape characterized by rocky hills, plains and river woodlands, which snake along the seasonal rivers. The scenic beauty is breath-taking with pythons, cobras, bees, beetles and scorpions.

The road that travels through this reserve, with the majority of the reserve located west of the road, this is 1800 sq. km of thorny bushland situated in the Losai Mountains southwest of and adjacent to Marsabit National Reserve and about 175 km north of Mount Kenya, in Northern Kenya. The reserve was gazetted in 1976 to give protection to elephant, greater and lesser kudu, lion and a few black rhino. The reserve is as well a home to cobras, pythons, grasshoppers, bees, beetles according to report from Kenya Wildlife Service. The reserve is having hot and dry climate.

Attractions in Losai National Reserve.


The Reserve consists of variety of wildlife especially the animal species that includes the elephants, lion, greater and lesser kudu, black rhino, gazelle and others, which attract the tourists in the reserve. These animals can be found in the open plains, riverine woodlands in the reserve. The reserve also consists of the reptiles like the python, cobra, and lizard in the reserve. Insects/ Arthropods are also part of the wildlife in the reserve, Losai National Reserve is such a unique reserve in Kenya’s reserves with insects or the arthropods that as well act as vital attraction in the reserve such as the bee, beetle, grass hopper, scorpion and many others in the reserve.

 Losai National Reserve
Losai National Reserve wildlife

Common Vegetation.

Losai National Reserve has the most amazing type of vegetation in the reserve which gives the reserve such attractive and special look, as well as  supporting the reserve’s wildlife at the same time, the vegetation type in the reserve is known as medium thorn bushlands with semi-desert and riverine woodlands.

Scenic Wilderness landscape and rocky hills.

The reserve has the such scenic wilderness landscape and rocky hills which acts as the best viewing spot in the reserve, here the guests can be attracted in that area because of the best viewing site to all the features in the reserve.

Activities done in Losai National Reserve.

Game Viewing.

The reserve offers the best viewing and this takes place during the morning and evening, the guests can be able to spot common animal species in the reserve like the lions, elephants, black rhinos and among others. Guests can be able to come closer to the animal species during game viewing in their open roof wheel-cars in all the corners of the reserve.

Nature walks.

In the reserve the tourists are also offered with the activity of nature walks which is favored with the nature of the vegetation that is scenic wild land scape, as well as rocky hills where the guests move around the reserve to observe many wildlife and also including the insects like the beetles, scorpion and among others.


Hiking is as well done in the reserve through spotting many animal species like the lions, elephants. Hiking is mostly done around the rocky hills in the reserve.


Losai national reserve is the perfect reserve for camping in, the reserve has got comfortable type of vegetation which tends to favor the tourists as they experience the nature of outdoor wilderness in the reserve, and as well as hearing the sounds of various animal species like the lion, elephant and at the same time hearing the feet near your tent while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

 Losai National Reserve
camping in Losai National Reserve

Where to stay in Losai National Reserve.

Losai National Reserve has got various accommodation facilities in the reserve ranging from Budget, Mid-range, luxury accommodations like Oasis hotel, Oasis restaurant and lodge, Kutze Imani Hotel and Shop, Camp Ndotto, Grat county Inn and among others.

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