6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu

6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu : Lamu Island is a port city, a city and an island just off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean and about 150 miles from Mombasa, the island is situated off Kenya’s far north coast which features a chain of beautiful Indian Ocean islands. Lamu Island is found in the Lamu Archipelago which comprises of Lamu Island, Manda, Pate, Kiwayu and Manda Tonto while on Kenya Wildlife Safaris.

Lamu Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized in 2001, the island is also a center of Swahili and Islamic culture and for over 700 years it is the most popular and most developed of the islands.

The best and six awesome activities to do on Lamu Island

Lamu Island is a very beautiful destination where to unwind and relax, the island is an exciting place to unwind where your rhythm as a traveler is determined by the island’s inhabitants. While on your travel in Lamu Island, activities to enjoy include taking a long walk on the beach, eat fresh fish, interact with the locals among others.

1.     Wander around in Lamu Town

Wander around the beautiful Lamu Town is one of the Top activities to do during your visit, Lamu Town is amaze of small streets, cute corners and beautiful old buildings. Wandering the Lamu Town offers a feeling and experience like no other, as wander through the small streets you will you will be supervised on every corner with what you lay your eyes on. Pay special attention to the beautiful carved doors with intricate designs which you will not find in any other part of the world, the old harbor is another beautiful thing to see in Lamu Town, the Lamu Fort which is a UNESCO Heritage Site and the busy local market. As you wander you will come across dozens of donkeys, Egyptian cats and animals roaming free on the island thus 6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu.

2.     Relax on the beautiful Shela Beach

Shela Beach is a beautiful 12 kilometers long beach with white sandy found in the city of Shela, in the south of Lamu, visit and relaxing on the Shela Beach is an exciting activity to do during your travel to Lamu Island.

Shela Beach is a perfect place to relax in the afternoon while reading a book and if you feel hot you can jump into the azure blue sea and if you need to take a walk you can take a stroll on the white sand of the 12 kilometers empty beach.

6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu
Shela Beach

3.     Have Pizza and Movie night at Diamond Beach Village in Munda

Diamond Beach Village found in Munda Island is a great place to visit in Lamu Island, on every Friday evening at 7:30 pm they show quirky, art-house movies and serve delicious Pizza baled in brick oven Pizzas. Yoga class is also offered at 17:00.

From Lamu or Shela, Diamond Beach Village in Munda is 10-20 minutes away by dhow.

4.     Have a yoga class

For travelers who fancy some sportive activity, in Lamu yoga classes are offered at The Hotel Banana House owned by The Dutch Owner Monica, the owner of the hotel often teaches yoga herself and is also the organizer of the annual Yoga Festival in Lamu.

5.     Go shopping

For shopping addicts and travelers who wish to find beautiful items of intricate and sophisticated designs such as jewel, art pieces and clothing, shopping is an activity you should not miss in Lamu. The best places to do shopping in Lamu Island is Lamu Town and Shela Town, these towns have small beautiful shops. (You should not expect large shopping streets or tourist bazaars).

Nice shops in Shela

The luxurious Aman Shop, at this shop you can buy the most beautiful clothes, jewelry and interior pieces (however the items are not cheap)

The African Corner, at this shop you can buy the most beautiful clothes, jewelry and African art pieces. On the boulevard, there are Masai men who sell jewelry. There are also a number of nice shops where you can buy self-painted pillows, interior pieces and clothing thus 6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu.

Nice shops in Lamu Town

The Mohammed Silversmith – at this shop you will find a silversmith in Lamu that makes silver jewelry. The smith also makes beautiful rings from washed-up ceramics, these shreds come from ceramic pots on a 15th-century Chinese-Dutch ship. The silversmith can be found on the main street (Kenyatta Road).

Isiah’s Wooden Fish workshop

This workshop makes wooden fish for on the wall from a washed-up wood, these fish can be given as fish to Ries, Isiah’s workshop is found on the main street-Kenyatta Road.

6.     Sunset sailing trip with a dhow

Taking a sunset sailing trip with a dhow is an awesome and unmissable activity on Lamu Island, sunset sailing trips in a dhow arranged by several hotels and resorts on the Island such as Jua House. This activity offer an opportunity to get beautiful views of the sunset and the cool breeze of the ocean.

6 Awesome Activities for the Island Lamu
Sunset sailing trip with a dhow

Alternatively you can do snorkeling and diving, windsurfing, supping or Kite surfing.

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