Beautiful wonders of Watamu

Beautiful wonders of Watamu  : Watamu is a cosmopolitan society that is it is both a top holiday safari destination and a rich bio-diverse marine area it is located 105 kilometers north of Mombasa and 15 kilometers south of the town of Malindi, Watamu is specifically located in Kilifi, it is a safari tourism destination with the availability of the most loved and famous attractions for the travelers on their Kenya Safari.

The city has got the Gede Ruins which makes it worth a visit, originally from its name Watamu explains into the ‘sweet people’ it lies between Watamu Bay to the north and Blue Lagoon to the south, it has stunning turtle bay extends south from the Blue Lagoon where it meets Mida Creek, it bunds in rocky coves backed by the baobab trees that fronts by the three great sweeps of the silver sand, Beautiful wonders of Watamu .

 The water of Watamu is protected by the barrier reef hence making it clear all the year around which is backed and supported by the cool green vaults of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and the dreaming ruins of Gedi that makes it the most unique 13th Swahili city because Watamu has it all that makes it to make it one. Watamu is such a beautiful and wonderful safari destination, in Kenya and it well known as the perfect place to chill and relax your minds with a lot of the attractions where you will be spoilt by your choices like the turtle bay dive and the watersport center, local ocean trust, Mida creek and many more.

Beautiful wonders of Watamu
Watamu Beach

 Watamu has a rapid growth rate due to the high population due to the attractions in the place and the Watamu being the area as the  amazing safari holiday destination it makes it  to grow both in the economy and the population, Watamu has got the marine national park which has some of the most beautiful sites for snorkeling and diving on the coast, Watamu is worth a visit and is one of the best safari destinations for the water sports like deep sea fishing, boat racing, kite surfing, scuba diving and many others.

Watamu is inhabited by the Bajuni people, these people had the intermarriages between the local Giriama people and the Arab traders, at the moment Watamu is occupied with various tribes others from the inland of Kenya like the Kikuyu, Kamba, Kalenjin, Luo, Kisii, Luhyas these tribes migrated to Watamu to work in the Hotel sectors and others provides the cultural tourism to various travelers on a  Watamu Safari  by entertaining them through their cultural dances, sharing with them about their lifestyle and many others, this makes the place to be highly visited  and all in all this has led to the increase of the people in the area which promotes tourism of Watamu.

Watamu has got the Watamu beach as this is the favourite nesting site for the green, hawksbill, olive ridley and the leatherback turtles, the beach has the unique coastline, the beaches are such stunning safari destination with lined with which offers  the tiny deserted islands, there are also sandbars that offers the walkways to the islands, the guests can enjoy the white sand beaches are sprinkled with the starfish, hermit crabs and among others, the guests are provided with various safari like the snorkeling, octopus, colourfish and many more. Watamu is also rated as the third-best in Africa, because of its crystal clear water and silver sand beaches.

Watamu is also attracted because it is a fishing centre that promotes the tag and release fishing of the spectacular game fish the tourists beyond their beach safari they will find the peaceful tropical forests of Arabuko-Sokoke and the visitors can enjoy the bird watching through spotting various beautiful and colorful bird species and as well encountering the reptiles at the Bio-Ken snake farm.

Best time to visit Watamu.

The best time to visit Watamu is all the year around, but however it is better to visit Watamu town from the month of July to October, as this is the longest dry season when the coast is cool and the skies are clear and sunny, but Watamu is a beautiful coastal destination no matter when you visit.

Where to stay in Watamu.

Watamu has got the most suitable and comfortable accommodation facilities for the tourists who come to visit the area, these are based and categorized into the Budget, Mid-range and the Luxury accommodation including the Temple Point Resort, Sun Palm Hotel,  Watamu Adventist Beach Resort and Campsite,  Savannah Restaurant and Bar, Watamu Villas and many others in Watamu.

How to get to Watamu.

Watamu can be reached from the main city of Kenya that is Nairobi and it can be reached through using two means of transport that is the air, road transport up to Watamu.

By Road transport.

Form the Mombasa International Airport, you can drive around 90 minutes to Watamu that is a scenic journey along the coast passing through the sisal plantations and also crossing the beautiful Kilifi Creek. The taxi will charge you from 6,000 to 8,000 Kenya shillings.

Beautiful wonders of Watamu
Gede Ruins

By Air transport.

The quickest means of transport is the air transport as this takes you 45 minute flight from Nairobi to Malindi airport on the coast, Watamu is just 30 minutes from the airport and after reaching the airport you will get a taxi from Malindi to Watamu which will charge you between 2000 to 3000 Kenya shillings, Beautiful wonders of Watamu .

Watamu sets itself apart from other safari destinations in Kenya through having its variety of the authentic and the adrenaline pulsing experiences, with a avarity of the activities from the kite surfing on the inshore reef, canoeing among the mangroves, exploring the ancient ruins of the Gede, which makes Watamu the perfect safari destination for a fun filled vacation plan and make your safari with to explore the amazing and beautiful wonders of Watamu.

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