Coastal Kenya

Coastal Kenya

Coastal Kenya

Coastal Kenya : Coastal Kenya covers an area of 536 kilometers along the coast of Kenya that includes the Towns, beaches, and islands in the Indian Ocean.  The coast boast with one of the most magnificent and white sand beaches in the world. The most prominent beaches include Diani Beach, North Coast, Malindi, Watamu, and Lamu.  Coastal Kenya covers the busiest business hub Mombasa. Coastal Kenya has a growing history section, scenic views, and a different ecosystem.

The Kenya coast has attracted a wide and large number of tourists to its shores. The point is very unique as it’s a meeting point where the Indian Ocean meets the Equatorial climate of East Africa. The destination historically marks the beginning of trade in East Africa as the Arabs came and settled along the shores of coastal Kenya. The Indian Ocean winds called the Monsoon winds helped the long-ago traders as well as today’s traders to sail through this large wonderful Ocean. The Kenya coast is rich in history with many tressing the origin of East Africa civilization started from here, nice cultures and other best experience of historical events that took place.

Coastal Kenya is an area with outstanding natural scenic beauty with white Sandy beaches, Mangrove Forests, Coral atolls, lagoons, remote islands, secluded bays and Creeks. They are also home of both Marrine and land fauna and flora. The Kenyan Coast remains one of the excellent honeymoon destinations in Kenya and in the world. The coast has great beach life that is active and creatively mixed with classic entertainment, live active activities and beautiful relaxing accommodations. The coast has good views of African sunshine which is nice for sunbathing while relaxing at the beach.  

The Kenya Coat is also the trading hub where all the international good entering to the mainland of Kenya are handled and cleared from. This vitally contributes directly to the development of Kenya economically. The port of Mombasa thrives business community along the coastline that serves the entire East Africa and beyond.

Not concluding but a fact is Kenya Coast is a melting pot for different economical activities in Kenya like Tourism, Industrialization, business, and Farming. Coastal Kenya is divided into two i.e. are South Coast and the North Coast. The South Coast is more popular than the North but all have scenic beautiful beaches and islands.

Getting to Coastal Kenya

One can reach to the Coastal Kenya through two ways those are by Road or by Air (flight). Most guests who travel to the coast use the flights from Nairobi either in Jomo Kenyatta international airport or Wilson airport to Mombasa airport. The visitor can be picked up by the taxi or travel agency where he or she has booked from. While those who may wish to enjoy the beauty of Africa will always choose to drive through different villages where they have stopovers for local shopping as they continue to the coast. There are public means by bus or train from Nairobi to the coast or even private by tour operators. While those beaches which are far from the North, there is still a long drive from the airport to their final destination by bus called Long-distance coaches. Below are the list of some of the most prominent beaches in Coastal Kenya:

Diani Beach-Coastal Kenya
Diani Beach-Coastal Kenya

Diani beach: Diani Beach is one of the resorts found in the Indian ocean just a few kilometers (30 kilometers) away from the main town Mombasa on the South. Surrounded by lush vegetation cover, the white powdery beach is located on the Southern part of the Kenya Coast. Termed as “vibrant, uncrowded, intimate little paradise on the quite shores of the Indian ocean” is separated from Tiwi beach by River Kongo taking Tiwi beach to the Northern side and Diani beach to the South.

Diani Beach borders Galu beach, Gazi Baech, Msambweni beach and Mwazaro beach all in the South. The beach is a home of many primates like Columbus monkey and other animals that are found in the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest and Colobus Conservation. For accommodations, the beach has luxury, mid-range and budget accommodations that suit all ranges of guests who go and enjoy their holidays in Coastal Kenya. The following hotels are some of the choices for the guests, Hotel Sonrisa, Ocean Village Club (Adults only) Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, Seaclusion Diani among others.

Malindi Beaches
Malindi Beaches

Malindi beach: Malindi beach is one of the beaches that form Coastal Kenya. Found on the shores of Lake Malawi in Mangochi district. Its commonly known as Melinde in the town on Malindi Bay at the Mouth of River Galana in the Indian Ocean. The Malindi beach is located in the Northeast of Mombasa around 120 kilometers away from the business hub Mombasa. 

The beach is the largest urban town in Kilifi County with a population of 207,253 people according to the 2009 population census. The beach is a major tourism industry in Malindi with the most tourists comping from Italy. Malindi beach is served by flights that are domestic directly to Malindi airport and Broglio Space center and by road through Mombasa and Lamu.

It borders the Watamu resort and Gedi Ruins also called Gede on the south of Malindi, River Sabaki on the North and Malindi Marine and Watamu national parks on the South. Malindi beach is a home of Swahili architecture and they term it as the origin of Muslims and Swahili in East Africa. The beach has the highest population of Muslims. The beach is mostly occupied by Arabs, the beach is popular due to the early historical events when the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama visited and et the Malindi Authorities.  

The common attraction at Malindi beach includes the Vasco da Gama Pillar. The pillar is found standing at the point where Vasco da Gama entered to the beach from the water where the Muslim Sheik received him.

Malindi Museum Society. This is a home of the historical books for the beach and all the Coat of Kenya. The Museum building itself is a historical house with columns that were recently renovated.

Another attraction at the Malindi beach is the Portuguese Chapel located in Silversand Road was built by Vasco da Gama in 1948 during his first visit to India.

Falconry of Kenya. This is a small zoo found at the beach mostly dominated by birds and reptiles. Its much interesting to visit the zoo during your stay at Malindi beach.

Watamu fishing village is worth visiting.

Watamu Beach
Watamu Beach

Watamu beach: Watamu beach located alongside Malindi beach in Malindi is found in North of Mombasa 105 kilometers away. Lying between the Watamu bay and Blue lagoon is one of the beautiful beaches found in the North. Tourism is the main economic activity on the beach and fishing. It’s part of the beaches that form Coastal Kenya located in Kilifi County.

Though the beach does not stretch much in length its more adventurous with more enjoyable activities like Scuba dive, snorkel, coral reef, and others. The sea turtles nest around the beach near the coral reefs.  One can enjoy swimming alongside the sharks though it is determined by the time of the year.

One can also enjoy a short safari to the forest of the Arabuko Sokoke forest to see more primates and other wildlife. There are many historical sites like Gede Ruins an abandoned medieval settlement. The shoreline of the beach features white sand, coral reefs arranged in different bays. Gerosa beach, blue lagoon bay, Watamu bay, Turtle bay, Kanani reef, Jacaranda beach, and Ocean breeze form the Watamu Marine national park. Marine park is the best snorkeling and diving areas along the coast of East Africa. 

Malindi beach is the third best-rated beaches in Africa with clear crystal water and silver sand beaches. The beach is managed by a unique organization formed by locals in the form of an association called Watamu Marine Association to preserve and conserve the beach.

lamu beach
Lamu beach

Lamu: Lamu beach is located in a small town called Lamu in Lamu Island which is part of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya. Its located 341 kilometers by road Northeast of Mombasa ending at Mokowe Jetty where the sea channel is crossed by Lamu Island. The Island has its headquarters in Lamu County. It is among the few islands that are declared as UNESCO world heritage site. The Island contains Lamu Fort on part of the sea which was constructed by Fumo Madi Ibn Abi the Sultan. It was unfortunate that Madi Ibn did not finish the construction when he left to be with the lord. The construction was completed later in the 1820s by other Lamu authority, the beach is dominated with Mosques with over 23 mosques found at the Island making it one of the best religious islands in the Indian ocean. The Riyadh Mosque is the biggest and oldest built in 1900 and Donkey sanctuary.

 The Coastal Kenya – Diani beach, Malindi and Watamu, Lamu remain the best beaches in Africa with white sand and clear crystals. The beaches are best for honeymoons as well as relaxation and historical tours. 

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