Diani Island

Diani Island  has a beach on the Indian Ocean coat of Kenya in eastern part of Africa, located 30 kilometers ( 19mi) south of Mombasa, in Kwale County, Diani island has got the most elegantly islands that have added a mark in the global tourism sector that is the islands have got adventure, tranquility  and best to be visited by various tourists on a Kenya Safari, Diani has got the beach that is  considered as the Africa’s best beaches, even not only Africa but the top beach destinations in the world that is Diani beach has got the expansive 20km of the powder white sand which meets the Indian Ocean on the Kenya’s south coastline, ever green coastal forests inhabited by variety of the animal species, sparkling waters, fine weather, amazing people of many cultures, attractive sea and many others.

The Diani Islands.

Chale Island.

Chale island is 10 km south of the Diani island, the island is a safari destination in that it is full of magical, amazing and stunning white beached kept by the coral reefs and a saltwater lake surrounded by the mangrove forest which is the highest and tallest mangrove in East Africa, with a mixture of various indigenous and tropical flora that inhabits various species. Chale Island is such a great relaxing environment where a guest can get an exceptional memories.

Diani Island
Chale Island

Chale Island has got monkeys that contributes the safari to the island because it gives it the beauty hence making it the best safari destination. On a safari to Chale island the tourists do explore their best as they enjoy the go fishing, sunbath, catch the sunsets and sunrises, explore the beautiful Gazi bay, the outlet of the local river (Mkurimuji) from the islands, the guests also can enjoy the Kayak and motorboats through the ocean and mangroves, catch the beautiful installations of both the nature and wildlife.

Wasini Island.

Wasini Island lies in the southeast Kenya 3 kilometers off the coast of the Indian Ocean, 25 km south of Diani. The name ‘’wasini mpunguti’’ came from the early inhabits who originally were the short Chinese hence the name Wasini mpunguti to the local people which meant the short Chinese. Wasini Island is an increable safari with the footpaths of sharp old coral or sand, the island had stood head and shoulders above the tourist sites across the Kenyan coast and the entire world at large.

Funzi Island.

Funzi Island is located in the Kenya’s Kwale County, Funzi has got four mangrove covered islands where Funzi Island is the main island and the most unique one with the permanent inhabitants. Funzi Island is well known for its pristine beaches and known as the Kenya’s best nesting site for a variety of the sea turtles like the green turtles, hawksbill, and leatherback and among others. The tourists visit Funzi on a safari because of the crocodile safari in the nearby Ramisi River or to going on a cultural safari in the village to visit the locals.

Diani Island
Diani Island

Funzi island has got a magnificent Mangrove forests and among the largest group of the over 300 different fish species and over 45 types of coral, the island is perfect for the sundowners safari because the sun’s reflection on the surface of the ocean is the view to be behold especially if viewed from the islands sandbank that appears on a low tide.

Robinson’s island.

Robinson’s island is the among popular islands at Diani, because of the coral reef here the tourists visit the island for relaxation  of their time, though the island is a small one but it is rich with the coral and it is the best island where the tourists can find the various fish species and many other animal species. Robison’s island can be accessed under tides of the islands get submerged which explains why it is not inhabited by humans like of the rest of the islands.

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