Mara Triangle

Mara Triangle

Mara Triangle is of the conservancies of Masai Mara national Reserve, its located on the North-Western part of the Reserve. Mara Triangle is managed by nonprofit organization called Mara Conservancy founded by the Maasai locals with the aim of strengthening the anti Poaching programmes on behalf of Trans-Mara county Council. The Mara conservancy was founded by committed hardworking locals that aim at sustainable Tourism through accountable transparent management that accounts for the welfare of both wildlife and guests.

Mara triangle is less crowded, found across the Mara River that forms natural boundary making it isolated from other part of the Masai Mara national Reserve. The Mara triangle is easily accessible by domestic flights since they have two airfields those are Serena airstrip and Kichwa Tembo airstrip with flights operating on daily basis

The conservancy covers an area of 510 km squared defined by Oloololo Escarpment established in 1994 though faced by a lot of poaching and management challenges till around 200 when more local leaders joined to improve on the management of the Triangle under the headship of Trans-Mara County Council.

The location of the Triangle favored more animals who roam within the Mara Triangle with the the natural fence being the Mara River which prevents animals from crossing to other sides of the reserve. The scenic beauty with diverse landscapes like Rivers, Streams, swamp, volcanic features and others make it much unique from the rest of the parts of Masai Mara.

The Mara triangle proudly hosts the great wildebeest migration as it acts as an open door for both entrance and exit making it one of the riches destinations in Masai Mara where the most experiential game drives can be done, the most luxurious accommodations are also located in this area like Mara Serena Lodge, Mara Enkipai Safari Camp, Mara River Camp and many more.

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