Masai mara gates

Masai mara gates

Masai mara gates are distributed at most of the common and popular routes that lead to Masai Mara National Reserve. If going to Masai Mara national Reserve by road from any side of the country, one can access the the reserve on its 6 Masai mara gates that are distributed to favor all guests entering to the reserve at any angle.

The long drive of 5 to 6 hours depending on the rainy season takes you down to one of the following Masai mara gates:

  1. Oloololo Gate

Oloololo gate is located on the North Eastern part of Masai mara national reserve accessed through C13 which is Aitong Road and C14 which is Singor-Kaboson road. Through this gate one can have a short drive to the west and accesses Mara River or Oloololo escarpment on the North.

Masai mara gates

  1. Oloolaimutia gate

Located on the Eastern part, Oloolaimutia gate have great facilities fully furnished offices with much detailed information about the mara conservancy like remains of wildlife bones, enough parking area for guests cars and many more.

  1. Sekenani gate

Sekenani gate an entry or exit point at Masai mara  is located on the Eastern border  in the outskirt of Sekenani Town. Drive through the Southwest part of the Maasai town Narok

  1. Musiara gate

Musiara gate is located on the East next to the main Oloololo gate opposite the Mara River, sitting on the North Eastern End of the reserve.

  1. Talek gate

Talek gate is found in the North Western side of Masai Mara, its one of the cool developed gates in Masai Mara. Its amidst the large open Savannah grass land right next to the famous Talek River which acts as a natural boarder between the Eastern and Western part of Masai mara. This river can be crossed during dry month when the water reduces on some point, it cannot be closed on rainy season with even no Bridges after the Gate.


  1. Sand River Gate

This gate is located on the South of Masai Mara national reserve bordering Kenya and Serengeti of Tanzania. This gate was much used especially for guests who do both Kenya and Tanzania preferred the gate before the border crossing from here was closed giving guests only to resort to cross through Isebania.

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