Ol Kinyei Conservancy

Things to do in Ol Kinyei Conservancy


Things to do in Ol Kinyei Conservancy : Ol Kinyei Conservancy is a 17,500 acres (65 square kilometers) conservancy stretching in the former cattle-land in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem which has been leased by the local Maasai community for wildlife conservancy, the conservancy is a brilliant example of a community-based run conservancy established in 2005 by members of the Maasai Community. The conservancy was formed by set aside some farming land to protect the wildlife and natural habitats from being encroached by human beings and their activities.

Ol Kinyei Conservancy is one of the 4 Big Conservancies of Maasai Mara national reserve together with Mara North, Naboisho and Olare Motorogi conservancies.

 Visiting the Ol Kinyei Conservancy directly supports the local communities and region efforts of conservation, the conservancy in return has supported the community with a sustainable income sources and installed the spirit of conserving and protecting their sacred land.

Ol Kinyei Conservancy encompasses of vast open savannah grasslands, twisting rivers, rolling hills and deep ravine forests. The Conservancy is a home to an abundance of wildlife

Animals found in the Conservancy include lions, elephants, cape buffalo, several species of antelopes, wildebeests, gazelles, cheetah and giraffe among others.

Birds found in the Conservancy are recorded to be over 300 species and they include Secretary Birds, Kori Bustards, and Jaunty Crowned-Plovers, flocks of White Stork, flocks of Crowned Cranes, Saddle – Billed Storks, and groups of Yellow-Billed Storks and Sacred Ibis among others.

Things to do in Ol Kinyei Conservancy
wildlife Safari in Ol Kinyei Conservancy

Ol Kinyei Conservancy is a breathtaking and memorable destination to visit on a Kenya Tour, the conservancy offers a variety of entertaining activities such as game drives, guided walks, bush breakfasts, picnic and sundowners experience.Therefore the things to do in Ol Kinyei Conservacy include the following


Game drives in the Conservancy is an ultimate experience for wildlife lovers, this activity offer an opportunity to see aplenty of wildlife living in the conservancy, enjoy views of the wonderfully diverse to topography. Animals to lookout during game drives in the Conservancy include lions, cheetahs, leopards, cape buffaloes, and giraffes, several species of antelopes, elephants, wildebeests, Grant’s zebras and gazelles among others.

The Great migration is present in the Conservancy in January and stay in the conservancy during their Calving season, they give birth to their young ones in the conservancy.


Ol Kinyei Conservancy is one of the great birding spots in Kenya hosting over 300 bird species recorded, birding is done in accompaniment of an experienced birder who knows where the find the birds and explain them to you thoroughly. Birds you will spot during Kenya birding tour in Kinyei Conservancy include Secretary Birds, Kori Bustards, Jaunty Crowned-Plovers and flocks of White Storks. Spectacular flocks of Crowned Cranes, Saddle-Billed Storks, groups of Yellow-Billed Storks and Sacred Ibis can be spotted in the swamplands. This is also a great place to spot the Goliath Heron, Grey Heron, Black-headed Heron and Great White Egret and many more.

Things to do in Ol Kinyei Conservancy
Birding in Ol Kinyei Conservancy


During your Kenya Tour to the Conservancy you have an opportunity bush breakfast, picnic and sundowners experiences, bush breakfast is set up at spot overlooking the plains of the conservancy or served after the morning game drive with a picnic under the shade of an acacia.

Foods and drinks served during bush breakfast and picnic experiences in the Conservancy are fresh prepared and kept cold in the cool box in the back of your safari car with chairs and tables use.

Sundowners experience is a memorable experience offering an opportunity to watch the sun sinking behind the hills from scenic rocky escarpments while sipping on an ice-cold drink.


Guided walks in the Conservancy are thrilling Kenya safari activity god for stretching your legs, this activity is done using several trails running the savannah plains of the conservancy with expert Maasai guides. Guided walks offer an opportunity to explore, enjoy and learn more about the wildlife and ecology in the conservancy.


Porini Cheetah Camp

Porini Cheetah Camp is a beautiful eco-friendly lodge nestled on the Ol Kinyei’s northern edge, the camp is powered by solar. Porini Cheetah camp is decorated in the traditional safari style with reminiscent of a former era of exploration, the camp has a total of 6tents offering an intimate feeling during their stay. The tents are offered as single or double bed tents, all of the tents are en-suite and they are family tents suitable for families with kids over the age of 5.


Ol Kinyei Gamewatchers Adventure Camp is one of the perfect accommodation facilities to stay at during your Kenya tour to the Conservancy, the camp is set under the shady canopy of acacia woodland offering a great experience in the wilderness. Ol Kinyei Gamewatchers are offers tented camps in domed safari tents boosting fantastic views of the savannah, the camp has 9 tents in total, each with an access to a private bathroom located just behind the tent.


The best time to visit the Ol Kinyei Conservancy is during the months between July and October during the Great Migration, Ol Kinyei Conservancy experiences relatively constant temperatures all year-round, however rainfall differentiates basing on seasons.

  • January and February are the driest seasons in the Conservancy, these months offer excellent wildlife viewing and an opportunity to witness the Great Migration.
  • March to May is a wet season in the Conservancy
  • June to October is a dry season with intermittent short showers possible at any time of the day.

Note: temperatures in the Conservancy are typically cooler in June to October.


The best way to get to Ol Kinyei Conservancy from Nairobi the capital of Kenya is either by road or by air, the Conservancy is about 240 kilometers from Nairobi city and by road it is a drive of about 4-5 hours by car. By air, domestic chartered flights are offered from Wilson Airport to Ol Seki airstrip found in Naboisho Conservancy.

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