Talek River

Talek River

Talek River

Talek River in Maasai Mara is one of the seasonal rivers that drain the great Maasai Mara national reserve. The Talek River in Maasai Mara is one of the 5 tributaries of Mara river that drain the grassland and shrubland of Maasai mara. Other tributaries are River Sand, Tabora river, Tigite river and Somonche river. The five tributaries form the two perennial tributaries of Amala River and Nyangores river. These two main tributaries form the main Mara River which drains the largest part of the reserve both on the swampy land and the forested areas. 

The Talek River in Maasai Mara is the longest tributary and joins the Mara river at over 16 kilometres on the North of the national reserve of Maasai Mara in the border between Kenya and Tanzania. They join to form the great Mara basin that covers over 13,500 square kilometres. Covered by the montane forests mixed with open grassland and shrubs. The river is the back born of wildlife in Maasai Mara National reserve especially in the central and power sections of Maasai Mara reserve.

The Talek River in Maasai Mara is a seasonal river hence affecting the discharge making it bimodal meaning two different charges following the climatic or rainy seasons. During the short rains, the discharge flow is low compared during the long heavy rainy season. The long rainy season starts from late March to May while short season starts from late October to November. With no clear source of water that drains the river, Talek river depends purely on rainy waters most that make the river seasonal.

The river is a source of water to different private ranches around the park. It’s also the catchment area for more aquatic animals with large schools of hippos, large Nile crocodiles and many more waterbird species. The wildebeest migration happens at the river which attracts more tourist in the area. Due to several attractions around the river more luxury accommodations have been constructed around the area.

Another important river in Masai Mara national reserve is the famous Mara River that runs across the reserve. The river lies across the great and largest wildlife migration (wildebeest Migration) corridor where ungulates migrate annually from the Tanzania Serengeti National Park to Maasai Mara National Reserve. The river is part of the Mara River basin that covers around 13,504 square kilometres.  65% of the River basin is found in Kenya while 35% is in Tanzania, originating from the Kenyan highlands. The Mara River flows over 390 kilometres and drains to the African largest fresh water body that is Lake Victoria.

The two tributaries of Mara river those are Amala river and Nyangores river drain the Western Mau Escarpment. This is the most famous part of Maasai Mara national reserve where most of the wildlife especially the big cats like leopards and lions. The Mara river continues up to the endless plains of Serengeti national park where it has another tributary of Longaianiet river. 

The river meanders around the reserve through the open savannah grassland where small scale agriculture is conducted. The river is famous with the annual wildebeest migration where millions of the wildebeest and thousands of zebras cross from Serengeti to Maasai Mara and back to Serengeti.

In nutshell Talek river in Maasai Mara and Mara river form the complete ecosystem of Maasai Mara national reserve. The two rivers are the back born of the wildlife of the reserve which makes the reserve to be visited throughout the year due to permanent residents at the reserve.

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