The Masai Tribe

The Masai Tribe

The Maasai tribe belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group, they are among the five native tribes in Kenya currently they occupy the Southern parts of Kenya and the Northern parts of Tanzania along the Rift valley mostly in Semi desert areas. They believed to have an estimated population of one million people leaving in both Kenya and Tanzania occupying an estimated total area of 160,000 square kilometers.

The Maasai communities are few of the tribes who have retained and conserved their traditions very well, they divided in to 16 local communities or sections which is also called Iloshon, these are: Ilpurko, Iloitai, Ildamat, Kore, Ilkisonko, Ilwuasinkishu, ILmatatapato, Ilkankere,  Ilmoitanik, Parakuyu, Ilarusa, Iloodokilani, Isiria, Iloitokitoki, Ilkeekonyokie,  Iloitai.

The Maasai have a unique culture and settlement pattern leaving in circular fashions mostly gazette with local timber like a Kraal which not even a chicken can pass through with only one single gate, the Acacia thorns are placed around the kraals which prevent lions and other animals from attacking the livestock both at day time and at night.

They mostly practice division of labor at home like men make Kraals and women construct houses which are called Inkajijik in maasai language is made using sticks, mud, cow dung and thatched with grass. Women do all the domestic work and some even help in milking the cows while the men called the maasai warriors always provide protection for the community.

Maasai diet mostly depends on their meat from the cows, Milk and blood which is extracted freshly from the cows which is done mostly during the big occasions like circumcision, after a woman giving birth locally known as (entomononi).  Its just of recent that the Maasai people have started involving in agriculture like planting of Maize, rice and sweet potatoes for home consumption.

The maasai are semi nomadic tribe who leave in communal land management system, they practice pastoralist form of raring cattle where they seasonally move from one area to another looking for pasture and water for their animals, the men sometimes can move for the whole month without coming back home.

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