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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is found in Kenya located in the heart of Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. This is one of the few national parks in Africa that are found in the city. The park was established in 1946. Nairobi national park is Kenya’s oldest protected area located just a few kilometers (7 kilometers) away in the South of the Capital city Nairobi.

The park is known by its slogan “the world’s only wildlife capital” and is characterized by short open grass that makes even the people staying at the scrapers at the city to enjoy free game viewing at their comfort. The different vegetation covers at the park which is dotted with Acacia trees and some forests are home of permanent residents with 4 of the African big 5 animals missing only Elephants. Nairobi national park has over 400 bird species with both forest bird species, savannah and waterbird species, and around 100 mammal species.

The Nairobi national park covers an area of 117 square kilometers making it one of the smallest parks not only in Kenya but Africa at large. The park has the highest number of black rhinos not only in Africa but the entire world. It is from such a successful back Rhino conservation that earned the park another nickname “Kifaru Ark”. The park has over 50 black rhinos with high profile anti-poaching unit though in 2013 August poachers sneaked in and killed one rhino and the other in January 2014.

The Nairobi National Park has the greatest successful game drives compared to many parks as one can easily see the lions and hyenas as the rangers monitor the movements of Lions around the park to avoid human conflicts with the big cats. This has helped or made it easy for guests to see the lions but one has to be patient and lucky to see the shy leopards and sometimes the cheetahs. 

Attractions of Nairobi National Park 

There are several attractions found in Nairobi national park, and the general vegetation cover of the park has played a big role in the development of different attractions around the park. The key attraction include mammals. The park has over 100 species of mammals with 4 of the African big 5 missing only Elephants. Other animals at the park include Giraffes, Eland, zebras, gazelles, waterbuck, hippos and many more.

Birds: The national park is gifted with over 400 bird species that cover both migratory birds which come during the rainy season for breeding purposes and return back after breeding. There are also permanent residents that leave in the park throughout. The bird species are divided in to the three present habitats at the park those are Forest birds which are found in the Southern part of the park which is covered by forests, Open savannah birds which take the largest portion of the species as the park is majorly covered by open savannah, for example, Ruppells Vulture, secretary bird, Ostriches, Long-tailed Fiscal, Bustards and many more. There are also waterbird species that live in the swamps of Nairobi national park. The water birds include Common Moorhen, Black-headed heron, Blacksmith lapwing, and others.

Predators: Nairobi National Park has a good concertation of the predators which can be easily seen. The rangers track and monitor the movements of lions that make it easy for guests to see the lions during their game drives. Other predators include leopards, cheetahs, Hyenas, and Jackals. 

Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park Rhinos

Activities in Nairobi National Park

Due to several available attractions at the park, this has opened several activities. Below are the key activities that are done at the park:

  • Birding: Nairobi national park offers one of the best birding safaris in Kenya second to Masai mara national reserve. Birding can be done throughout the year through the peak season for biding is during the rainy months those are from March to May and November. This are times when birds are nesting and migratory birds are present during this time especially species that come from European countries.
  • Game viewing: Despite the fact that Nairobi national park is among the smallest parks in Kenya and its’s game viewing experience is excellent. One can see 4 of the African big 5. These include Rhinos, Buffalo, Lions, and leopards. Other big game at the park include Hyenas, Cheetahs, Jackals, Gazelles, Zebras and many more. The game drives can be a full day with packed lunch or half-day depending on the guest’s available time.
  • Rhino Trekking: The park has incredible credit for the best world national park that has preserved black rhinos. The park has over 70 black rhinos at the park.  Rhino trekking is one of the key activities that can be done in Nairobi national park.
  • City Tour: Being located inside the middle of the town, Nairobi national park adjust its scenic views to Nairobi city tour after a great day at the bush one relaxes in the town suburbs. City tours can be done in the afternoon after a game drive at the bush.

Nairobi national park remains one of the parks one can enjoy closely within one day after your business appointments at Kenya. All short but most rewarding safari trips can be done in Nairobi National park. Looking for any activity to supplement your stay at the Kenya capital look no further Nairobi national park will give you the best experience.

Nairobi national park is among the parks that one can visit during your business stay in Nairobi. One can enjoy a day Nairobi national park safari which is very enriched with wildlife safari.

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