Nasolot National Reserve

Nasolot National Reserve is located to the North of Mount melo. The reserve is quite remote which means few visitors can have a chance to be at one with nature in the seemingly endless plains within its borders, the tourists who come to visit the reserve enjoys the spectacular views from Nasolot Hill, bird watching, camping, fishing, nature walks among others.

Nasolot National reserve was established in 1979 and it has got 9,200 hectares of magnificently rocky land, positioned to the north of Mount melo, various magnificent vistas available, though many of the reserve are actually plains, due to the remote nature of the area location there are no many visitors and at the same time climatic conditions are hot and arid in the reserve to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

Attractions in Nasolot National reserve.


The reserve has got the Nasolot Hill which is rocky at the edges and accommodates the wildlife like the elephant, lesser kudu, bush buck, duiker, lion,  leopard, Kirk’s dik-dik, spotted hyena, jackal, impala, Sykes’ monkey, Beisa, fringe- eared Oryx, waterbuck, olive baboon, buffalo, gazelle, hippo and among others.

Nasolot National reserve
Nasolot National reserve

Nasolot hill.

Nasolot hill is a rocky out crop situated on the margin of Nasolot hill creates a scenic view over the reserve and it is form this hill that the reserve derives its name.

Bird species.

Nasolot National Reserve is a habitat for a population of birds that include; little eagle, secretary bird, African sacred ibis, Eurasian Wigeon, African black duck, tufted duck, Yellow billed duck, common teal, comb duck, rock dove, speckled pigeon, plain night jar and many others.

Things to do in Nasolot National Reserve.

Game Viewing.

Nasolot National reserve offers the booming game viewing to the guests in the reserve, the guests enjoy in the open roof vehicle as they are driven inside the reserve, here the guests do spot various animals species like the elephant, lesser kudu, lion, waterbuck olive baboon, hippos and many others as they are grazing, strolling through in the reserve.

Bird watching.

Nasolot National Reserve is a birding haven for birds. In the reserve there are bird species like the secretary bird, Yellow billed duck, common teal, speckled pigeon, rock dove, and little egret and among many species, here the guests do enjoy the bird watching during the mornings and evenings in the reserve.

Nasolot National reserve.
speckled pigeon


Turkwell River, which crosses the reserve, this activity gives you peace of minds, relaxing because of the water experience and away from the hot arid conditions of the park.


Fishing is among the most liked and participated activities during your Kenya safari in the reserve this is  done especially at Turkwell River where there are plenty species of fish, like the Nile perch, cat fish, robber lates and among others, this is the amazing activity done in the reserve because the guests are given chances to participate in the activity.


The reserve offers camping to the guests this is where they enjoy the wild nature of the reserve from their camping tent, this activity can be enjoyed with the families, friends and other related personnel, and the activity in the reserve can be done from Marich pass field studies center camp site.

Nature walks.

Inside the reserve there are rugged plains including hills and valleys which create a scenic view all over the park, this activity is always done when you are on foot through the reserve’s features, this brings you the nature that is the most of the wildlife comes closer to you during your nature walk like the elephants, lion, Kirk’s dik-dik, hyena, jackals, impala and among others, this is the enjoyable activity don in the reserve.

Best time to visit Nasolot National reserve.

Though the park has semi- arid climatic conditions which makes it best to be visited throughout the year for many activities that are done from there.

Where to stay in Nasolot National reserve.

There are no established accommodation facility in the reserve, however there are various campsites in the reserve like the Marich pass field studies center which is set 80 kilometers south of the reserve off the A1 Kitale – Lodwar road and among others.

Nasolot National reserve
Nasolot National reserve

How to get to Nasolot National reserve.

The reserve can be accessed into two ways that is the road and the air transport.

By Road. The reserve is 146km north of Kitale towards the west of the A1 Kitale- Lodwar road, the reserve’s entrance lies 6.2 km down the A1 main road, and this takes you about 9 hours and 45 minutes.

By road. Nasolot National reserve can be accessed by using air transport as well, the domestic flights from Nairobi fly from Wilson’s airstrip and land to two airstrips deserving the park that is turkwel dam airstrip and Kaputirr airstrip.

Nasolot National reserve is beautifully gifted with rugged plains including the hills and his valleys which create a scenic view all over the reserve, with amazing activities like the nature walkson foot through the plains of the park, game viewing, camping and among others.

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