10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : The number of hikers using Kenya’s hiking trails has increased recently, and with good reason, apart from it amazing kenya wildlife first class safaris in Africa ,it also has amazing hiking trails, ranging from breathtaking wide moorland treks to challenging mountain summits. Kenya safari hikers have a plenty of options, with several routes catering to varying skill levels.

There is always something to suit your needs, whether you want to take a leisurely stroll or a more strenuous walk. This book is intended for novice hikers who want to explore new trails, as well as experienced hikers who want to return to their favourite locations. It showcases several hiking paths that are accessible from the city of Nairobi in a matter of hours.

William Hill

William Hill, which is a portion of the Kikuyu escarpment, is roughly 75 km northwest of Nairobi. At about 2300 metres above sea level, the hill offers a moderate, kid-friendly, and beginner-friendly hiking track close to Nairobi. The walk consists much of a level dirt road, with the hike’s conclusion marked by a short, sharp rocky struggle up an escarpment.

Traditionally, the William Hill hiking track begins at the historic Italian Church on the Mai Mahiu highway. From there, it is a 10 km walk over a dusty marram road, followed by a strenuous 3 km hike up the Kikuyu escarpment. With expansive vistas of the Great Rift Valley, Mt. Longonot, Kijabe Forest and Hills, and Mt. Margaret, the climb albeit a little steep is worthwhile.

Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills, another well-liked Kenya safari hiking trail in Kenya close to Nairobi, is around 30 km away from the city. It’s an easy walk that’s great for novices and almost anyone seeking for a leisurely stroll, with a modest elevation and primarily grassland terrain.

The walk boasts several amazing kenya safari tours vistas with expansive views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the city. Starting from the northern base of the hills, the walk up Ngong Hills stretches the entire range to the southern terminus at ‘Kona Baridi’. Depending on one’s speed and degree of fitness, the walk around all seven hills takes four to six hours. This Nairobi hiking trek requires a windproof jacket because the Ngong Hills are known for having strong, chilly winds.


Rising to 2,145 metres above sea level, the Kilimambogo walk is a great option for any beginner hiker searching for a moderate ascent. It is situated in the Oldonyo Sabuk National Park, off the Thika-Garissa Highway.

The Ol-Donyo Sabuk National Park entrance gate serves as the starting point. Kilimambogo offers hiking along two main routes: a 6km pathway winds through the forest, and a 9km open road merely winds up the mountain. It takes two to three hours to get to the summit.

Kijabe Hills

Similar to William Hill, the Kijabe Hills are situated northwest of Nairobi and are a component of the Kikuyu Escarpment. While there are other routes to reach the summit of the three Kijabe Hills, Nairobi hiking groups prefer to begin their walk at the AIC Kijabe Hospital.

The Kijabe Hills trail is a one-way walk that is not only difficult but also a good test of endurance. It begins with a walk along the railway line and then briefly cuts through dense forest vegetation to reach the caves and hot springs. After that, there is a short, steep walk to the top of the three Kijabe Hills to reach a maximum elevation of 2,688m above sea level.

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya  : Mount Longonot

Hiking groups from Nairobi frequently visit this extinct volcano, which is situated in the Great Rift valley southeast of Lake Naivasha and rises to a height of 2,776 metres above sea level. For people with a reasonable level of fitness, the Mount Longonot walk is absolutely possible despite being relatively demanding. Depending on one’s speed, the 3.1 km trail up the mountain from the gate to the crater rim takes 45 minutes to 2 hours. Once you reach the edge, you have two options: either drop or climb an additional 7.2 kilometres around the crater. Usually, a walk around the rim takes two to three hours. An average walk up Mount Longonot takes four to six hours.

Everyone may enjoy a good challenge from the Mount Longonot hike, including children and more experienced hikers. It is among the most well-liked hiking routes in Kenya that surrounds Nairobi. Similar to Mount Longonot, trekking routes up Mt. Suswa and Sleeping Warrior in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley are excellent choices. If you want to make the most of your Mount Suswa walk, think about booking a camping trip. This will give you plenty of time to explore the baboon parliament and the vast crater.

Regarding the hikes in the Ugali Hills and Sleeping Warrior, they are both close to Lake Elementaita. A quick stroll along the shoreline before the trek. Try your best to begin the journey early in the morning before the sun becomes too hot if you plan to use this trail. Additionally, don’t forget to pack a sunhat and sunscreen!

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : Rurimeria

The Rurimeria trail consists of four separate ridges (three false peaks), the steepest of which is the first and most difficult to climb. The trail eventually changes to a spectacular steep ascent to the summit after passing the third false summit, after which it passes through a somewhat flat swampy area. You must be in good physical condition and have the right equipment for this walk, including waterproof boots and quality weather gear, in order to summit Rurimeria. Don’t allow the steep routes deter you from trying to tame this beast if you are new to hiking in difficult Kenya. Every hiking trail in Kenya offers breathtaking vistas of the finest scenery possible, and Rurimeria is no exception.

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : Elephant Hill

Hikers aiming to overcome more difficult terrain or acclimatise to higher altitudes frequently choose Elephant Hill. The Njabini Forest Station gate marks the beginning of the 9-kilometer Elephant Hill hiking track, which ends at the peak at 3,658 metres above sea level. Through a cultivated woodland, the first few kilometres are on a moderate slope. After passing the “point of despair” and through the bamboo grove, the trail gets muddier and steeper until levelling off just beyond “the tail.”

The best views of the Aberdare range, including Mt. Kinangop peak, Sasumwa Dam, and Ndakaini Dam, can be found atop Elephant Hill summit. The Elephant Hill walk requires seven to ten hours of strenuous hiking.

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya
Elephant Hill

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : Table Mountain

After Rurimeria, Satima, and Kinangop, Table Mountain is the fourth-highest mountain in the Aberdare Range. Table Mountain is notorious among hikers in Nairobi for its excruciating steepness, which will probably make you second-guess every decision you made to get to the trailhead.

The 6.2 km track begins at Mikeu and leads you on a moderate walk along the edge of the forest. After that, the trail descends sharply to a river crossing. The next section of the trail is a kilometers-long, startlingly steep, nearly vertical climb to re join the original trail. Beyond this comes a final short moderate walk through the moorland, followed by another short hard climb. At 3,792 metres above sea level, the Table Mountain top marks the finish of the trek. During the rainy season, hiking boots that are waterproof and have a high grip are essential since the steep descent becomes muddy and treacherous when it rains. Remember to wear leg guards as the moorland is often wet.

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : Seven ponds

Between Table Mountain and Rurimeria lies the Seven Ponds path. For those who enjoy hiking on steep hills, the Seven Ponds trail is a hiker’s heaven. For those seeking a challenging walk or preparing for high-altitude treks such as Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro, this track is highly recommended for altitude and endurance training.

The Seven Ponds route is roughly 5.5 kilometres in length. The walk begins close to Mikeu Centre and ends at the seven natural ponds in the northern Nyandarua moorland, 3,831 metres above sea level. All Aberdare ranges have some spectacular steepness, so be prepared for it. However, the fantastic reward is breathtaking vistas across seven ponds on the moorland of Northern Nyandarua. Enjoy the views of Mt. Satima and Mt. Kipipiri while climbing, too!

10 Best Hiking Trails in Kenya : Mount Kinangop

Climbing to a height of 3,906 metres above sea level, the Mount Kinangop trek is well-known for its difficulty. The second-highest mountain in the Aberdare Range is Kinangop mountain. It’s a strenuous walk that goes 14 km in either direction. The hike typically takes 7 to 10 hours, while slower hikers may need up to 14 hours.

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