Kilifi County in Kenya

Kilifi County in Kenya is a county of Kenya, it was formed in 2010 as a result of the merger of Kilifi District and Malindi District. Its capital is Kilifi and its largest town is Malindi, the county has a population of 1,453,787 and it covers 12,245.90km2 (4,728.17 sq. mi). Kilifi County is located in north and northeast of Mombasa.

Kilifi has fewer tourists than the Mombasa city, but there are some tourist’s safari beaches in Kikambala, Watamu Beach, Malindi and Kilifi, but the county is known for its Ruins of Gedi including the mosques and tombs, dating from the 11th to the 17th century. A mix of the Swahili villages, stunning coastline and coastal architecture, Kilifi is a safari destination of the only majestic wonders that is take in the chalk sea cliffs, the beautiful sandy beaches, diverse people and cultures and as well as good climate.

Kilifi County in Kenya
Watamu Beach

Tourism and fishing Kenya safari in Kilifi are major activities due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean, the county has some of the best beaches and the popular resorts and hotels. Other attraction safari include the historical sites such as the Mnarani ruins that date back to between the fourteenth and seventh century.

Kilifi county due to its location on the Kenyan coast, it is a home to many resorts that is it sits on the estuary of the Rare River in Kenya, the  beach itself is known as Bofa Beach and is said to be one of the best beaches in Kenya, Kalifi lies on the Kilifi Creek between Malindi and Mombasa. Bofa Beach is a wide slash of the white sand, with swaying pals and rolling Indian Ocean surf, it’s the stuff of which fantasies are made, a path to the left of the Kilifi Bay Beach Resort takes you there.

Come satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush through kitesurfing, zip lining safari, diving and many other more thrill adventures in Malindi, Watamu and Kilifi. Kilifi is the most amazing safari ultimate travel destination for the quick and affordable trips for those seeking new experiences or those on the business trips.

The passionate group of the Kenyans and expats have transformed Kilifi from a sweet but to the most soporific town into a stunning place renowned for its eco-projects and clean, green and joyful living safari destination. That is gorgeous beach houses stand a top the creek, yachts dance in the bay and warm waves fantasy beaches buttered with lashings of the soft white sand. On a safari you will find orange and hermit crabs, fresh oysters and pizza ovens, permaculture projects and sailings schools, beach barbecues and night swimming and as well on a safari to the Kilifi County you can spot a whale shark migration from the windy brink of the Vuma Cliffs.

Kilifi is also a home to a renowned medical research center, so with a steady stream of the doctors, sailors, backpackers, aid workers, artists and yogis passing through, you will never be short of crew with whom to share those oysters.

Kilifi has always been something of a secret, because of hidden location, tucked into the estuary leading to the Goshi River, it has escaped the development that has affected towns like Mombasa and Diani, tourism first emerged in Kilifi on a small scale around 25 years ago, when the Kenya Medical Research Institute and the welcome Trust partnered and set up camp here to research the tropical diseases, with the growing influx of non-locals to the area safari  tourism slowly started to grow, that the reason that Kilifi is well set-up for the tourists without being busy.

Where to stay in Kilifi.

Kilifi is not a home to the huge resorts and other parts of this coastline are popular for, but there are plenty of the excellent options for all the budgets, either side of the creek there is a smattering of lodges, hotels, self-catering properties and restaurants.

They are relaxed with huge cushions made from Kenyan material, a games room and a bar serving dawas, cocktails from vodka, lime juice and honey, garnished with  stick of sugarcane, the accommodations have got the large bandas (houses with bamboo roofs, outdoor showers and composting toilets ) and a pool.

Kilifi Konnection has some spectacular properties, including a houseboat, while for a mid-range hotels, try Kilifi Bay Beach Resort which is set on the beautiful Bofa beach, there are also a few high-end resorts like Mara Engai for the tourists who wants little luxury.

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