Ol Kinyei

Ol Kinyei

The pioneer conservancy of all the conservancies in Mara region which started as a pilot study to the community and all the stake holders on tourism industry, it was established in 2005 at small scale as a demo but over the years the Ol Kinyei conservancy has doubled in size and number of members with the current numbers showing 171 locals and porini safari camps and other four parties.

Ol Kinyei conservancy is located in the North Eastern mara bordering Naibosho in the West, Siana on the East sitting on an area of 18,641 acres of land. The conservancy has collected a number of accolades winning awards of the best conservancy in Kenya as community leading initiative to educate the locals on the importance of tourism.

Its one of the best areas to do both nature guided walks and cultural tourism  are best experienced in Kenya as typical Maasai people are found leaving in their traditional norms irrespective of more tourist who could impact with western culture but these people have sticked on their traditions.

Ol Kinyei conservancy has two prides of lions which count around 20 members, other animals are Leopards, Cheetah, antelopes, zebras, wildebeest and many more, its also path way for the great wildebeest migration that occurs annually between June and October, the Loita plains migration that occurs usually around January  and the calving in February and early March.

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