What is Maasai Mara famous for?

What is Masai Mara famous for?

What is Masai Mara famous for?

What is Masai Mara famous for? Maasai Mara is one of the most famous national reserves not only in Kenya but the entire world as one of the most visited parks in Africa. When everyone plans to come to Kenya the first destination that comes in mind is Maasai Mara. The famousness of the reserve is based on the key attractions and a large population of wildlife found in the park.

Maasai Mara is considered as the most popular safari destination in Kenya that provides tourists with authentic true African wildlife experience mixed with exciting cultural tours. It is from the long list of attractions at the reserve that gives a perfect answer to the question: What is Masai Mara famous for? 

The high number of predators

Masai Mara national reserve is one of the most populated parks with predators. The predators range from the big cats like Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Jennet Cats to other predators for example Hyenas, Jackals and many more. The lion numbers in Masai Mara alone surpasses the lion number in some of the African countries. The predator ratio is very high to the extent that even the rare shy Leopards can be viewed easily during your game drive.

The highest number of guests who come to Africa to be specific Masai Mara come to see the African Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Buffalos, leopards, and Rhinos). The availability is a variety of animals like zebras, gazelles and many more that act as food for the predators.

The wildebeest migration

This is one of the great reasons and answer to our question What is Masai Mara famous for? The wildebeest migration is the largest live unique animal behavior the planet earth, the famous wildebeest migration happens annually. The migration starts in July when millions of wildebeest and other grazers cross the mighty river Mara from Serengeti to Masai Mara.

Termed as the natural wonders of the world, wildebeest migration attracts thousands of tourists to Masai Mara during these months. The wildebeest cross back to Tanzania Serengeti national park from October. The process is survival for the fittest as the animal cross the river through the escape of the crocodile mouth alongside the awaiting lions and other predators at the edge of the river. The animals cross to the Mara to search for freshwater and green pastures, due to the large numbers they graze for two to three months before they return back to Endless plains of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. 

Masaai Cultural Tour

Masaai Culture is the only worldwide that is still untapped in Africa amidst the current modernization that is taking the world in storm. Masai Mara national reserve is occupied by the Maasai locals who protect and conserve the reserve. Historically before the reserve was gazetted the reserve was grazing land for the Maasai cows.  The outskirts of the reserve are ranches of the Maasai locals.

The unique Masaai culture also called the Maa culture not only adds guests African experience but entice the tour packages for the guests who come to Masai Mara hence answering What is Masai Mara famous for? Africa was particularly the Masaai warriors were known as the most hostile tribes and little did Europeans knew that they are very friendly and loving people. Dancing and rejoicing together in a Maasai jumping style of dance make your experience a one-time experience.  

Birding paradise

Masai Mara is regarded as a birding paradise with over 500 bird species recorded. The reserve has both migratory birds who come from different parts of the world that come for mostly breeding.  The park is gifted with not only abundant wildlife but also a lot of birds ranging from the Masaai Ostrich, the secretary bird, vultures, lovebirds, different types of doves and many more. 

Maasai Mara national reserve is the best tourist destination gifted by nature with a good range of attractions that attract tourists. The abundance of wildlife, birds and unique culture of the Mara people lead the attraction.

What is Masai Mara famous for?

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