Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve

Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve

Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve

Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve are the number 1 tourist attraction that travelers visit the park to see and explore especially the big 5 and the wildebeest. Masai Mara national reserve is an outstanding game reserve not only in Kenya but entire Africa. Gifted with abundant wildlife with both thousands of Herbivores and carnivores found in the reserve. The vegetation of the reserve mostly dominated by open grassland makes both parties survive at peace. The predator is able to sight the prey at long distance as well as prey able to sight the predator at long distance. Game drives to Masai Mara national reserve are never disappointing due to the great number of animals found at the reserve. Masai Mara is a home of all the African big five which are more of guarantee to see with exception of the black Rhinos. One is assured of seeing Elephants, Lions, Leopards and buffaloes in the big five members.

 Mara is more famous with the population of the big cats especially the lions and the leopards. Cheetahs hang more at the anti-hill moulds during morning hours and later in the evening.

You will always have a wake-up call from Birds and animals, lions roar near your tent, hyenas, and others just beside your tent. The open savannah wilderness of the Masai mara dotted with the circle of the Acacia trees where thousands of the animals take refuge on from the great sunshine. The mara gentle plains host both migratory wildebeest animals and permanent residents. The migratory animals come from the neighboring Serengeti national park that forms the great Mara Echo system which is the oldest ecosystem. The reserve has over 100 animal’s species recorded and over 570 bird species. Drained by the mighty Mara river as a source of water makes the animals at the reserve to be permanent residents. This attracts high concertation of animals which have enough water concentrated at River Mara. Masai Mara national reserve gives all year round great views of the animals. 

One can enjoy views of animals in Masai Mara National Reserve during game drives which are conducted early in the morning and afternoon. Night game drives are also available on requests and organised by some lodges inside the reserve. Another way you can also explore the best of animals in Masai Mara national Reserve is through Hot Air Balloon safaris. These start very early in the morning and they are pre-booked activities which are not included on the park entry fees. Have an eagle eye of the open endless plains of the Masai Mara national reserve, catch live action on the bush. Horse rides are also available and organized by other lodges and camps at supplementary costs. Explore the best of Masai mara by beating off-track rules and get as close as possible to nature.

Below is the list of the big game can be seen during your great safari in Masai Mara National Reserve:

Lions: Lions are the largest member of the big cats and also called the king of the jungle. Masai mara national reserve is a home of the highest number of lions and other predators. Visit to Masai mara national reserve is counted successful and more experiential if the guests see the king of the jungle that is a lion. Masai mara is termed as one of the best tourist destinations not only in Kenya but entire Africa due to high concentration of lions. Large prides of lions can be seen in Mara which ranges from 4 to 20 lions in one pride. The large prides are mostly constituting of females and the cubs.  All the prides are led by the male-dominant male lion which is a fully grown adult. Lionesses are great hunters and mostly lead the team when it comes to hunting later joined by the male lions for the meal. 

The great documentaries of lion lives are mostly recorded from Masai Mara national reserve like the Cats Diary. However much the lions are the kings of the jungle, their population growth remains very low. This is due to more competitors which are of low pace but like killing the young lions. Lions themselves are also the great enemies of the population increase as the adult males like killing the cubs especially the male ones. The reason why the adult lions kill the young ones is to put the lioness to the heat as soon as possible.

Elephants: Elephants are some of the animals in Masai Mara national Reserves, they are the largest animals on the planet earth that leaves on land. The Elephants are the members of African big 5 that are simple but very tough and easy to charge. Masai mara national reserve is one of the few protected areas where the population of the Elephants are increasing rapidly. It is on record that the reserve has the highest concentration of Elephants not only in Kenya but the entire world. 

According to the Elephant census which was conducted in 2015 from Masai Mara, the reserve had over 30,000 elephants. This population has been only noted in Masai Mara national reserve. The population of the Elephants has increased rapidly due to the involvement of the local community on the preservation and conservation of wildlife. Elephants are some of the animals in Masai Mara national Reserves that cannot be missed during your game drives in Masai Mara national reserve.

Cheetahs: Cheetahs are members of the big cats and it’s the least dangerous that is why they are easily kept at home as pets. They are the fastest animals on earth, they are some of the animals in Masai Mara National Reserve. The cheetah can run up to 112km/h but can keep the speed up to a few kilometers.  They are easily seen as they enjoy staying on the raised land like termite moulds, small rocks and sometimes can come on top of the safari cars while on the game drive. They leave in a group of 2 to 4 and they give birth to 1 to 6 cubs. The population of cheetahs are low due to high predator rates, poor health, and others. 

Cheetahs can be separated or differentiated from leopards with their slender bodies and the watery mark that runs from their eyes down to the mouth. Big ups to the non-profit organization called Masai Mara Meru Cheetah project, they have done a great job to see the safety and increase of the cheetahs in Masai Mara National Reserve.

Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve
Animals in Masai Mara National Reserve


The leopards are among the animals in Masai Mara National Reserve.  The leopards are strong and well-built among the big cat’s family. Masai mara has one habituated leopard which guests can easily see around Talek. Its only in Masai mara that travellers are assured of seeing the leopards. The leopards leave in individuals not in groups in case you see them two then they are mating. They spend most of their time on trees and even after killing the prey they take it up to the tree to eat. Leopards are strong and can carry prey which can double its weight up to the top of the tree. Leopards are some of the animals in Masai Mara National Reserve that need an eagle eye to sight it.

Black Rhinos

The rhinos are the second largest animals on land after the Elephants, they are the members of the African big five which are highly considered as endemic. Masai Mara has been for long time recognised as a destination with only 4 members of African big 5 not until the black Rhinos were sighted at the park. They are rare and hard to sport but are available and sometimes seen by the tourists. The black Rhinos are very shy and at most keep themselves in secret places around the reserve where the vegetation is thick. The rate of Rhinos in Africa are highly affected by the poaching activities for ivory. Masai mara national reserve has registered stable growth of the black rhinos at the reserve hence giving tourists more chances of viewing more Rhinos during their game drives. 


These are the largest conquerors of the open savannahs of Masai Mara national reserve. There both permanent residents as well as migratory wildebeests. The wildebeest migration is the world-famous and largest animal migration in the world. It is out of this migration that Serengeti national park and Masai mara national reserve are considered the natural wonders of the world. The wildebeest migration starts from July when the wildebeest cross the Mara River from Serengeti to Masai Mara. From October the wildebeest start migrating/wildebeest migration back from Masai Mara to Serengeti and this happens annually attracting a great number of visitors who wish to catch the action live.

Other animals in Masai Mara National Reserve include Zebras, Hyenas, Hippos, Crocodiles, Gazelles, Baboons among others

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