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Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari

Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari : Kenya is best safari destination blessed with the variety of best beaches being located at the  East Africa’s largest port Mombasa famous for the various settlers like the Arabs, British, and among many others, Mombasa  has got the vast number of the beaches that gives the tourists the best beach safari in the entire world because these are such incredible and they have got calm waters, aquatic adventures inform of kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and among others as you are relaxing, enjoying good coastal food with your friends, family. Kenya has got a number of the best safari beaches which can be best explored according to the right choice of the beach that you have selected.

Best beaches on a Kenya safari.

Diani Beach.

Diani beach is located in the south of Mombasa, the beach is such gorgeous with the powder-white sand, excellent number of the hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, beach villas that makes the guests to feel at home when they reach Diani on the beach safari, the guests enjoy in participating various activities like deep-sea fishing, kayaking, kitesurfing, snorkeling and among others, as well as the guests engage in other activities like skydiving that offers the opportunity to get views, Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari.

Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari
Diani Beach

Diani beach gives the tourists opportunities  to spot various attractions like the hawksbill and green turtles and among others, Diani beach is such massive with every kind of the activities that attracts every kind of age groups and as well as the kids can enjoy the glass-bottomed boat tours and gives them the best way to spot the underwater species.

Malindi beach.

Malindi beach is known as one of the town beaches in Mombasa Kenya, with the highest number of the Muslims and famous known for the Italian community, therefore on a safari to Malindi you do expect to enjoy testing on the Italian foods from the Italian restaurants, gelaterias and grocery stores. Malindi has got the most lovely beach and closest to the town with the best lodges and resorts line the beach leading to Malindi town. Malindi beach provides the travelers with the best and thrilling beach activities which makes the tourists to feel excited about their safari.

Kilifi beach.

Kilifi beach has got stunning and  gorgeous beaches like Fumbini beach, red house beach, Bofa beach that are located and stand on at the top the creek, the guests who visit the beaches enjoy the yachts dance in the bay and the warm waves wash fantasy beaches with the beautiful lashings of soft white sand. Kilifi is such amazing with the pristine and uncrowded beaches, an eclectic food scene, and thrilling, dramatic scenery, the beaches are much loved destination for more chilled out travelers for years, Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari

Tourists on a beach safari to Kilifi they experience various watersports like kitesurfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and among many others. Kilifi is the most attractive beach with the best dive spots in Kenya.

Watamu beach.

Watamu beach is a popular destination for the travelers on a beach safari this is where the travelers get exposed and enjoy the Watamu’s cool ocean breeze and gentle waves and the serene surrounding environment of Watamu where the travelers will not feel like leaving, at the same time the travelers enjoy and participate in the wide range of the activities that are provided by the tourist like snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing and many others which makes Watamu the amazing best beach destination in Kenya.

Kikambala beach.

Kikambala beach is a 12 kilometers long beach that is situated in the north of Mombasa, this is a leading beach destination with white sand and it is has got a very calm environment. The beach is located far away from the road ends before accessing the beach, it is not easily accessed it  that is the beach at times can be reached on the foot and that’s why the beach is always silent compared to other beaches because of its location, Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari

Nyali beach.

Nyali beach is located in Mombasa, having the long white sand beaches, world class hotels, and among others, Nyali beach is has got the fresh water which makes it to be the leading beach destination and its part of the Mombasa Marine Reserve. Tourists who select Nyali beach as their next tourism destination experiences and participates in activities like visiting Bombolulu workshops and cultural center, chilling at the beach, swimming and among many others.

Best Beaches to visit on a Kenya Safari
Nyali Beach

Galu beach.

Galu beach is located next to Diani beach in Kenya next to the Kenya coast, on a beach safari to the Galu beach the tourists enjoy the Swahili style spacious beach holiday suites and villas, resorts and among many others. Galu beach is an amazing and attractive beach with the similar activities that Diani beach provides to the travelers like jumping with dolphins and ocean turtles, kitesurfing, skydiving, spotting whale sharks and among many others.


Lamu Island is such a distinctive beach and cultural travel destination in Africa, and it is the most popular perfect holiday destination for beach holidays in Kenya. The destination has the yellow fine sandy beaches, blue lagoons, and amazing landscape and among others the travelers do enjoy the Arabic culture which is the major highlight of the location. Lamu is the best beach destination where the travelers can relax and gets peace in Kenya.

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