Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy | Masai Mara

Lemek Conservancy is part of the conservancies located in the northern part of Masai Mara national reserve and it borders the Mara North conservancy.

This conservancy is under the management of the Masai communities who are in charge of protecting and preserving the habitat within the Lemek conservancy through a partnership between landowners, existing camps and lodges and great plains.

Formerly known as the Koyaiki conservation area, this conservancy was named after the local community in the conservancy and the name was later changed to Lemek conservancy following combined efforts of the different stakeholders in the tourism and the landowners.

The conservancy is smaller compared to other conservancies in the Masai mara reserve due to merging some of the lands from the conservancy with the mara north conservancy.

Other conservancies include Ol Kinyei conservancy, Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Ol Choro Oiroua conservancy, Mara triangle conservancy, Olderikesi conservancy, Siana conservancy, Mara north conservancy.

The conservancy is characterized by open savannah where the wildlife species can be seen and they include big cats such as lions, leopards, cheetahs. Other wildlife species that can be seen in the Lemek conservancy include large herds of elephants, wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles.

Koyaiki ranch and Lemek ranch also play important roles in conserving the nature around the conservancy aimed at sustaining the Mara ecosystem.

Activities carried out in this conservancy

  • Nature walks in the conservancy are organized for those who wish to experience the wilderness of the Mara savannah and open plains closely. During these nature walks, lunches, dinners, and picnics can also be organized for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery while dining in the wild. This activity involves walking through the conservancy in the company of rangers and guides who are the Maasai people as tourists explore the wilderness and the different habitats of the wildlife and bird species.
  • Game drives are among the activities that tourists engage in during visits to the Lemek conservancy. These game drive stake place at different times of the day and the chances of viewing the wildlife species also varies depending on the time of the game drive. Game drives take place during the morning hours, in the evening and at night. In Lemek conservancy, Night game drives are commonly done and the nocturnal wildlife species are usually seen during the wildlife viewing at night. the night game drives are unique wildlife viewing activities since they are permitted in some destinations only. Morning game drives provide the opportunity to watch many wildlife species since they are very active during this time of day.
Lemek Conservancy
Lions in the Lemek Conservancy
  • Cultural visits involve interactions with the local community which consists of the Masai people. During these cultural visits, tourists experience the nomadic way of life of the Maasai, listen to folk stories, watch traditional dance performances, learn about local arts and crafts such as the traditional beads and other jewelry worn by the Masai people among other cultural aspects.

How to get to Lemek conservancy

The Lemek conservancy like other destinations around the Masai Mara national reserve can be accessed by both air and road means.

  • By road, the conservancy can be accessed from Nairobi- Narok- Maai road which provides beautiful views of the scenery around.
  • By flight, Tourists can access the Lemek conservancy by flight to the Mara North airstrip or the Ngerende airstrip. Scheduled flights are available for tourists who wish to visit the conservancy.

There are budget accommodation facilities within the Lemek Conservancy and the benefits are shared with the local community and used to generate revenue to operate the conservancy.

Experience good wildlife viewing and the pleasant scenery by exploring the savannah plains of the Lemek conservancy.

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