Masai Mara Safari

Masai Mara Safari

Masai Mara Safari takes you to the true and hidden African wildlife treasure where all the African big 5 are present. The Masai Mara national reserve is one of the premium national reserves not only in Kenya but entire Africa. In fact, one cannot think of visiting African wildness minus stepping in Masai mara National Reserve or Serengeti national park. The Masai Mara safari is the only package that takes you to witness the live action of wildlife in their natural habitat.  During your Kenya Masai safaris to this greatest national reserve, your expectations are high and unlimited by the size of the reserve. The reserve is home of the largest world live migration where millions of wildebeest and their counterparts like Zebras, topis, and others cross the mara river from Northern Serengeti.

Masai mara national reserve is a home of the big cats with the highest concentration of lions and leopards in the whole of Kenya. Despite the fact that the park is rich with wildlife, the size of the reserve is just only 1510 square kilometres. It hosts over 2 million animals that makes the guest enjoy brief short driving game drives which are much rewarding. Other lodges that are located inside the conservancies enjoy wildlife viewing just in their balcon while relaxing.

Masai Mara safari is a dream come true!! Enjoying the largest and oldest ecosystem on planet earth, our Masai Mara safari takes you to a deep breath of the fresh air. Entering the gates of the unfenced busy national reserve which is formed of different private conservancies. Your safari to Masai Mara national reserve does not only give you onetime life experience with wildlife but also hundreds of bird species. The reserve has great record in the number of birds which can be seen on a day trip to Masai Mara

A well planned Masai Mara safari with reputable tour operator will entice your trip with a cultural tour visiting the unique Masai experience. The safari packages start from a minimum of 3 days Masai mara safari, 3 days balloon masai mara safari to 7 days masai mara safari. One can also do multi destination safari combining Masai mara with Serengeti national park like 7 days Masai mara and Serengeti safari, 6 days Kenya and Tanzania safari. Other overland safaris that cover Masai mara national reserve are available on request. Combining East African best destinations like Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda where Gorilla trekking is done, Kidepo Valley National ParkNgorongoro crater and others.

Masai Mara safari comes in different packages that suit all categories of guests ranging from Budget Masai Mara safari, Mid-range Masai Mara safari and Luxury Masai Mara safari. The difference between the three packages is only the accommodation but the wildlife experience remains the same. All our safari cars are very comfortable for experiential game drives which can be done in the morning and in the afternoon.

Have thoughts of having your African wildlife dream come true? Asking yourself where to go or how to select the best tourist destination in Africa? We make work easy for you, we compare all African destinations highlighting all-important tourist attractions in all. No need to get a scared plan with us your Masai Mara safari and you will not break the bank in order to do it. For details of all your African tourist destinations follow us on our social media or our daily news page known as blog and be up to date.

Highlights in your Masai Mara Safari

Game viewing: When every traveller thinks of coming to Africa the key activity in their hearts is to see wildlife in their natural habitats. Game viewing in Masai mara national reserve is excellent throughout the year though the best tie is during the dry months. The reserve is gifted with a large variety of wildlife over 2 million and also a home of wildebeest migration which happens from July to October. The permanent residents include leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, lions, buffalo, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, gazelles, Eland mention but a few.

The wildebeest migration happens from July when the wildebeest and other animals like Zebras, Eland and others that cross from Serengeti national park in Tanzania via Mara River. The return journey happens from October to November depending on the rainfall patterns in the year. Game viewing is always good in the park as its size adds an advantage to the guests. The vegetation cover which is covered by short grass dotted with Acacia trees, as well as the kojpes, makes it easy to spot the wildlife.

Hot air balloon Masai Mara safari: Hot air balloon safari in Masai mara is one of the most unique activity done in Africa. Be the lucky one to float on the air above the African wildlife mecca. Its an activity of lifetime experience that makes your African wildlife experience unique. Masai Mara safari is the only safari package in Kenya where balloon safari is done. The hot balloon safari starts very early in the morning at around 5 am with a pickup, briefing and float on air by 6:30 am. It will last for 2 to 3 hours depending on the weather of the day.

There are several balloon operators but the safest ones are Governors Balloon safaris, Skyship company and Balloon safaris limited. The hot air balloon safari in Masai mara is an extra activity that is paid separately from the park entry fees. One has to book the balloon safari early as a limited number is required per flight. Catch the live action of the wilderness in the morning with an eagle eye no off track charges and be close to the wildlife. This is greater during the migration of the wildebeest as you float on top of the Mara River.

The hot balloon safari is happiness beyond the lines of happiness, every stage of flight is new experience. Its most recommended for the first timers in the reserve so that you get high view of the reserve both from the above and on ground. The package is accompanied by bush breakfast with a bottle of wine which is tossed at the end of the experience.

Birding: Masai Mara safari takes you deep inside the birding safari paradise with over 450 bird species that can be spotted throughout the year. Almost 45 of the bird species are birds of the prey, the other birds include ostriches which are the largest birds on earth. Kori bustard the largest flying bird on earth, secretary bird, Swallows, wanders, paearctic migrants and many more. The different vegetation cover at the reserve has created room for a wide range of bird species at the reserve. It also hosts more rift valley bird species.

Cultural tours: Cultural tours during your Masai Mara safari is the best supplement of the trip. Visit the unique culture of the Maasai people who leave around the reserve and some inside the reserve. They are the only Africans that civilization has bypassed, while other tribes are struggling to catch up with western life they are going deeper the more in tradition. Visit to these people is not only enjoying their dance and cultural norms but also benefits the reserve through highlighting the importance of tourism to them. This has made it easy to protect the reserve since all the locals are all benefiting from the reserve. Have the active true African safari dance of the year where they jump to extent of even seeing tomorrow. Refresh your minds after long day game drives with great entertainment of African people.

Wildebeest migration viewing: Wildebeest migration viewing is a key activity taken into consideration when planning your Masai Mara safari. The migration is an act when millions of wildebeest migration together with thousands of other animals migrate from Serengeti national park to Masai mara crossing Mara River. The wildebeest migration is the largest animal migration on earth and happens once annually from July to October. Its good to time well since the animals follow the rainfall patterns sometimes they can start early while some year it may delay depending on the weather of the year. Getting more details before booking your trip is always important reading different Wildebeest migration articles to help you get the rightful time for this Masai Mara safari. Alternatively, we also encourage you to try Masai mara and Serengeti safari packages.

This is the most exciting moments when you catch live the action as the animals are crossing the Mara river undwr pressure of the watchdogs those are Nile crocodiles and onland predators like lions, leopards and others. Ask reputable tour operator details of this activity and get the best of your Masai Mara safari.

Horseback riding safari: Horseback riding safari is done in Masai Mara national reserve, this is a real African ancient way of travel before colonization. Today it has been a popular activity that guests enjoy during their stay in the reserve. It is organised by lodges around the park as an extra activity done in the reserve. Its much interesting as the game ranger will be on the lead with his or her horse as he is guiding you. One comes close to animals including the big cats like lions, leopards, cheetahs, and others. This is an alternative for birders to cover a much more wide area range than footing. 

Masai Mara Safari
Amazing Scenes from the Masai Mara Safari

Masai mara national reserve is one of the few lucky tourism destinations where tourists can enjoy horseback riding safari. However much the reserve is a home of African big 5 its very safe for the horse riding safaris. The horses are well trained and managed by the owners with the guard of the armed game ranger you feel the sweet breath of nature. You are allowed to enter all sides of the reserve with no restrictions during your horseback riding safari. They are nature-friendly hence reducing the acts of off tracking by driver guides in order to have a clear view of certain animal.

With more activities to enjoy during Masai Mara safari guests are encouraged to use good reputable tour operators that will make them realize their dreams. Its also advised for having a good packing list to avoid interferences during your trip hence making the trip excellent.

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